I just wanted to share this because no matter how many times you hear it, it fits somewhere in your life and what you may be going thru right now.  I see alot of people going thru deletion.  By that I mean they are deleting non communicators, negators, clearing social media and more!  I had a talk with my youngest son the other day about calling everybody you come across your friend.  Starting in school, we want to have many friends but come to learn as we continue on thru life that our truest and dearest friends we can count on one hand.  We can surround ourselves with a number of people that we know will have our back in the tough times, but to call everyone a friend is a hard task in itself.

My thought comes from Madea.  I call it Madea-ology because no matter what play you see, there is always something to learn from Madea!  Pastors and more have used this and it also talks about this same thing in the bible (the true Vine)

People are like leaves…..

The wind blows one way and they follow.  It blows another way and the follow. It means that they have no sense of self and they follow whatever and who ever looks good at the moment.

Then there are some who are like branches…..

They look sturdy.  They look like they can weather alot. But the minute you step on their feelings, they snap.  Do those you associate with wear a mask or are you dealing with who they wish to be in public not know the person away from the public eye.

What must you look for…..

Look for those who have roots!  You know them because no matter what happens to the rest of the tree, you know they are solid. In other words, they know who they are!

When you take the time to nuture the relationships that mean something to you they grow.  We must also remember that discernment is our friend.  Stop confusing seasonal people for lifetime friends.  Trust your inner voice when it tells you to move on and stop trying to force open a door that is sealed shut.