1707 N Charles Street was the location.  Building in downtown Baltimore that would house this wonderful event.  After ascending to the second floor you walk into a brick lined room, well lit with plenty of natural and luminescent light.  Tables were already out as we got ready to prepare for the days events.  I brought along my two youngest sons to take part in this event.  Something that they had never experienced before.

The goal of this event was to raise awareness for the youth by collectively coming together for one common goal………………CHANGE!


WMSKonlineradio.com and Beats Rhymes & Relief hosted this unique event on Saturday May 7th, 2016.  You could feel the vibe start to rise as set up took place and the music started to flow.  Teenage Truth Radio was in the spot laughing, joking and having a good time.  Many of the youth on hand earned school service hours during this event.  The host, Tia Hamilton, walked in the room and took the mic to do what she does best, command the room!

Many of the vendors present were in deep conversations with all those approaching their tables.  Vendors like EPIC (Expressing Positivity Inspiring Creativity), Fitness by Faith, and Stray Ink were on hand to showcase their businesses and join in on the fun!  Many of those that were present finally got to meet each other face to face as they worked the room and networked.  Many of the connections were initially made on social media and this event brought them together. The vibe definitely was high for this event!  You could feel it everywhere in the room!



Charm City Direct TV’s own Edigga was in the house for live interviews and more.  As he got set up, he showed my youngest son how to set up for live feed.  Many of the things taking place were filmed by CCDTV and he took the time to talk to and show what he was doing and needed to be done.  My son learned alot and was very excited to learn something he had only heard or seen from afar.   Mothers of Ballers  (M.O.B) and Teenage Truth Radio were on hand.  Social media was on fire with posts coming from different entities attending the event.


Then there was the live performers!  In one word….WOW!  Jessi Jone, The Chattaboyz and DJ Ambitious along with Mysonne and the NY Justice League were on hand for this event!  There was some true support in the building.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Chattaboyz!  At first alot of us thought that the music was playing only to find out that it was one of they young men whose beat box skills was out of this world!  Jessi Jone was her usually high spark and had the crowd rocking!  Messiah gave us a bit of spoken word.  He spoke highly of the days events!


We even got a surprise announcement from our host Tia Hamilton who formally announced her candidacy for 14th District City Council!




Raffles also took place!  A driving school certificate was given, membership to the YMCA for three months as well as jewelry from Bay Jewelers, one of the sponsors for this event!   A video message was done for a recent graduate and dancing filled the room.  Good food and a good time was had by all!

I am looking forward to next years event!  Check out more videos and pictures on Facebook: