To say that we had a good time would cut short the level of emotion and information that was shared and felt at the 4th Annual 50 shades of Blue Baltimore that was held at the Furley Recreational Center in Baltimore, MD.

The turn out was more than was expected as individuals entered the venue to be interviewed, photographed, greeted with a swag bag and raffle tickets and waited for speakers to share their stories.  The Master of Ceremonies MC Jody Rhew kept the festivities going working well with the DJ and those in the building.

Many turned out from across the DMV to hear the speakers and see what information they could glean from the event.  Many of the speakers held private conversations with those in attendance that were drawn to their story of survival.  Many of the vendors and others on hand had experienced some level of violence in their lives and wanted to be a part of what they considered a unique opportunity.  What really made the event for me is the smiles and the hugs.  Many tears were shed but the hugs and the feeling of not being alone is what flowed thru the building and the entire day.  Many were pleased with the setup, program, interactive participation, music and more!  We could not have asked for a better time and place.  Some in attendance came from group homes or changed their work schedule to make sure they could attend and support those in attendance.   Many of the men, women and children were captured by the entertainment and our major sponsor Ashley Stewart who closed out our show with a fantastic fashion show blitz!

We certainly look forward to the 5th Annual conference which is already in planning stages.