Cruising!  Yes, I just enjoyed a 7-day cruise of the Carribean on board the Adventure of the Seas by Royal Carribean.  One of the breathtaking stops was in the beautiful St. John’s Antigua.  If you ever go on a cruise, book the Catamaran and snorkel….IT WAS A BLAST!


You forget the long walk from the ship once you are on board the sleek boat that moves quietly through the turquoise waters.  Yes it was hot but it was worth the money to go and see the water, and snorkel and then enjoy beach time!  I could not believe I was actually getting in the ocean like this first of all and then the sights I saw when I put my face down in the ocean!  There were fish everywhere and it was so clear is was inspiring.  The sounds of the world go away when you submerge in the water.  I will admit that I only lasted five minutes but it was a five minute memory that will last me a lifetime! The captain joked with me telling me that he wagered I was on my way back to the boat from the way I was swimming!  I just could not get my fins to cooperate with the rest of my body, but I did it!


Coming back to the boat, the crew was friendly, inviting and fun!  They danced and joked and gave us what I considered some darn good tuna sandwiches and cheese sandwiches and then there was the rum! The rum punch was on point and very good.   Kasim kept us in stitches as he had us doing the conga and even had a very pleasant 89 years young lady dancing.  I danced as well feeling the island beat!  I made fast friends with the crew and there were plenty of smiles to go around!  I am glad that this moment in my life happened and hope to see them again in the future!


When we returned to port we were greeted by locals, enjoyed the shops and the parade goers.  I picked up some trinkets to include a purse made from coconut shells that i wore the rest of the cruise.  So go and enjoy and explore the beautiful St John’s Antigua!