Always in my heart!

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Albert Christopher Jones, my ex-husband and friend whose sunset was October 21, 2015


We met in the Army National Guard.  It was funny because you kept eyeing me from two squads over.  We were both in the 104th Maintenance Company.  When I finally made eye contact with you, you smiled, I smiled.  You actually came to my rescue after I was being harrassed by a fellow soldier.  We would talk for hours just sit and talk.  He finally asked me out.  You took me for mexican food in Georgetown.  God help me the name escapes me right now.  After dinner, we walked around Georgetown and I spotted a stuffed Gorilla that I just had to have.  You laughed at me but I got that gorilla and we affectionately named him Sam because he looked like a Sam to me.  We saw each other more frequently, I met the family.  It was rough meeting my mother but you did.  We moved in together.  And soon we were pregnant with our oldest son Anton.  We married a year later because I was insistent that we live together for a year before anything took place.  Anton was a breath of fresh air and kept us very busy, all of the kids kept us busy.   When I found myself pregnant with Alex, you told me you already knew because you were eating grapes and I was eating grapes, that was your tell tale sign…weird but it worked.  I had to learn a lot of lessons being a new mom and dealing with a growing family but you managed to keep a cool head in all of it. 

Our marriage was fun but it had its moments.  We had a rough time in our third year and our fourth year we said it was time to part.  We parted not under the greatest of terms.  It got so bad that a fight broke out in the courtroom.  I don’t think either of us knew how to deal with what was happening and for all intent and purpose we still loved each other we just could not be together.

As the years passed, we learned forgiveness and we forgave each other.  I will be honest…..I kept my distance because I just felt it was the right thing to do but you always found me and always had a kind word and for that I thank you.  Our conversations were sometimes tearful but always full of laughter.  I could tell when you were hurting and the one thing you missed was your kids.  We spoke of the kids in every conversation.  You could hear the smile in your voice when I would tell you of their accomplishments.  You were beaming with pride when you heard your son was in the military.  You just grinned every time.  Like his parents you, were a happy poppa to see him come back from South Korea.  Your little boy all grown up!  I was happy for that and for them because I knew he felt

You went through alot in your life and you managed to get yourself together despite health issues and more.  You never ceased to amaze me and you always shared with me even in your hurt and in  your happiness.  Again, thank you for including me.  You remarried and I know Doretta was sweet to you.  Even in losing her you never lost your love for any of us or your zeal for life.  

I was not ready for you to leave just yet but we know that God has that final say so.  We talked about our marriage, our friendship and you told me how you felt you had to marry me because your soul said so and your last words to me were………….I still love you.  I remember saying in return, I love you too!


Albert, we remained friends and you will always be in my heart.  You will be missed.  I will do my best with what God has given me to watch over the family and our children while you watch from above.  Tell Ms Audrey and Uncle Corny I said hello!  We will see you again!


Arlene Renae’


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