Today, nearly a year after Betsy DeVos revoked crucial Title IX guidance, the NY Times has leaked her new proposed regulations on Title IX. And they’re worse than we could have imagined.

DeVos’ proposed regulations let schools that look the other way when abuse runs rampant—we’re looking at you, Michigan State and Ohio State—off the hook.

Here are a few of the most alarming parts of the leaked proposed regulation:

  1. Allows schools to ignore sexual assaults that occur off-campus. In other words, if you’re assaulted in a frat house, off-campus apartment, or other housing, your school can turn you away if you seek support.
  2. Allows alleged perpetrators to directly cross-examine survivors. In simpler terms—your rapist may now be your interrogator.
  3. Allows mediation—illegal under both Bush and Obama—for sexual assault cases, as well as other informal resolutions. Mediation can pressure survivors to “forgive” their rapists. It also perpetuates the fallacy that sexual assault is a drunken miscommunication, in which both parties are equally at fault.
  4. Allows schools to choose an evidentiary standards for rape cases that are higher than what schools use in other student misconduct cases. That means a victim of sexual assault could have to meet a higher burden of evidence than a victim of simple physical assault.

An assault doesn’t have any less impact on a victim, or their education, by virtue of it happening on campus or 10 feet from it. Under DeVos’ proposed rule, more survivors will fear going back to their dorms, skip classes they share with their abuser, and even drop out of school.

Here’s the only shred of good news: DeVos’ attempt to turn back the clock on students’ civil rights isn’t law yet. Now’s the time for us to take action and fight back. Go to the website and write a comment, then head to our Notice & Comment site to learn how you can use your voice to oppose DeVos’ backward policies.

We won’t let support for the horrors of Michigan and Ohio State become the law of the land.

In solidarity,

Sage Carson

Manager, Know Your IX