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i96402805._szw1280h1280_   S.O.N. stands for Shining Over Negativity! Tavon Dyer is just that, a light in the Baltimore area!

Shining Over Negativity                     i96402747._szw480h1280_

There is a bright sun in the sky, The Sun paper and the music scene has S.O.N. S.O.N. stands for Shining Over Negativity and the man behind the name Tavon Dyer is just that, a light in the Baltimore area. Starting at a young age, S.O.N. is no stranger to the stage.  Performing arts has been a part of his life since he can remember.  Rapping entered his life at the age of 17.  Growing up in the Greenmount area, he saw first-hand what drugs can do to a family especially his father.  Joining the military, his travels took him to the orient where while in Japan he hooked up with some fellow military members and the group GROWNMAN developed. Just developing his style of rap he worked to put himself out there.  The challenges of making music and military career made S.O.N. push harder and traveling around the world made him a diverse Emcee.  Then in 2004 This is not a Demo was completed while in Japan.  “We cut this in one month and cut a thousand copies and went thru Japan passing them out”.  While honing his craft the second release came in 2005 with FACEMUSIC.  Much more music came after that such as Harm City the EP and others.  These works would lead up to a full length album in 2011 titled HisStory (The Audiobiography of Baltimore S.O.N.) S.O.N. got out of the military in 2002 but continued to make music unitl leaving Japan in 2006 where he landed in South Dakota and lost his motivation to create music and could not stand the direction that the industry was headed. It was not until his son was born that music started to fill his life again.  Dropping Baltimore and just becoming S.O.N. on stage was a big change.  Always networking, S.O.N. has worked with the likes of Don Streat, Bmore Emcee and was introduced to Cool FD from France.  He has also collaborated with the likes of Yoke Emcee (Time for some Action), German Comarade/Producer Kallsen just to name a few.  As a co-founder of Unified Nations of Hip-Hop, he has shown that he has universal appeal and is here to stay. His collaborations have birthed many projects Bmore 2 France in 2012, Bmore 2 Denmark & Bmore 2 Miami part of the Bmore 2 series. There are also multiple UK compilation projects that have already been released.  The entity S.O.N. MEDIA offers a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their talent and get the guidance needed in the music scene.

“I admire a lot of people”, says S.O.N. “but I look up to those who know what rock bottom is and have worked to the top, the underdogs so to speak”.
Music is not his only endeavor.  His S.O.N. clothing line is also a big hit. Launched in March of 2013, his mission statement says it all: S.O.N. Clothing is a physical platform/canvas used to express Positive Thought, Vision and Style, while Promoting the Overall Goodness of Mankind.”​  With men and women in mind, S. O. N. for the female takes on a whole new meaning.  Sexy On Notice clothing line for women allows women to look sexy and stylish all at the same time.  His clothing line is aimed at the world. “Baltimore is rich with culture”, says S.O.N. “and true artists are here”. Music speaks to all of us.  As a father of three, he tells his children to work hard.  His advice to those getting into this business is don’t ever think you are the best because there is always someone out there working harder than you. Keeping it real and a true gentle soul, S.O.N. is a force that has left a mark on the music world. You can check out S. O.N. on, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IG, ITunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, USTREAM and CDBaby.  



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