Best Of Me

Best of Me

Because I gave you the best of me, I forgot to keep what’s best for me.

Such a smooth talker, you didn’t have to have your hand out like a plate ready for a serving of my love like my heart was a buffet. You took my smiles like an extra helping of gravy. Blew your diet when you decided to try it over and over – are you full yet? That aftertaste you have is not my revenge – no – it is my comeback. Time to tone up, get back in shape ready to claim back what you stole. Always with your mouth full of my sugary sweets did you get enough to eat? You were never discreet about who you were to me though my life was laid out in front of you.

I did it to myself. But the next step I take I go with a word from above the message of God’s love moving forward only to be rewarded. I did it to myself believing all the lies taught to despise you if you did not speak first. Saying it’s okay, go ahead and feel that way they will return sooner or later.

I rely on me and who God wants me to be. Filling up only on what the spirit gives me. Blossoming in the knowledge that I am beautiful I am purposeful,
I am Me!

Lady Blue

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