Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and BEHOLD!  This beauty did it and then some!

I cam across this story while browsing and stopped to see what it was all about.  This young lady battled her demons and won!  We all know how cruel others can be when you are not pencil thin.  Jazzymyne Jay spent 20 year’s dealing with the insults the rudenss and such.  She believed she would never be bikini fit.  She chose to go out and find a bikini that was, and I quote, “badass” so that she could put her fears to shame!



She put bodyshamers to rest and hit the beach with  confidence that was second to none!  She not only love it but so did 8000+ other people who supported her decision to do what she did!  To me she let her beauty shine on all levels and you could see it in her smile and the confident way she carried herself and showed off on the beach! Plus size women everywhere should take a page from her book and learn to wear your confidence like Jazzmyne has learned to do.

In the words of Rupaul…..YOU BETTA WERK!