“What started as a dream became a vision, and

now that vision has become reality.” #Focused


The bishop represents a standing force between the King and Queen.   It moves diagonally and has no restrictions.   The mission of the Bishop is to protect the King and the Queen.  In other words, a force to be reckoned with.  My friend William Biship Graves is all about his music, his craft and his business.  Welcome to the castle!


BISHIP, born in Harrisonburg, Virginia on December 12th, is the CEO and founder of MOB OUT ENTERTAINMENT, a company that works hands on with artist, promoting and networking. He has also just recently signed with Block Runners Entertainment as an artist himself. He is determined to turn heads in 2016 as he continues to strengthen his foundation that was built by him from the beginning.  As a child, BISHIP always had music around him and as the years passed, he started writing songs and connecting with the industry even stronger. Since becoming a registered BMI artist, he has been involved with many things. From being an executive producer and host on Xclusivejamz Radio Show to doing classic collaborations with several Hip-Hop artists and Rock Band, Flat Land Hills. His determination has allowed him to make noise and stay focused on his bigger picture.  When asked where you can find BISHIP’s work, he proudly smiles and says “You can Google me.” 


Biship has been doing this since he was 11 but started taking it seriously within the past 4 years.  He actually has a few people who do his artwork and is starting to get back into it a little because he likes to be involved in all aspects of the game, the music in general and the fans from overseas to stateside. He loves doing collaborations. “I move how I move.. I don’t compare myself to other artists because I stay thinking outside the box.. I set goals for myself because to me everything I do is bigger than just being an artist.”  As far as the music goes.. I try to make something for everybody.. that’s why I do lots of collabs with people from Rock bands to street anthems.. I think outside the box so I continue to stand out from others.
 I’ve been away from the east coast for about 20 yrs so I can’t honestly answer alot but I will say that the artists I’ve met from different areas are solid artists and rep to the fullest.. #SALUTE

(#SFRFAM(Souljah Family Records /Vegas) #CSR(C-Saw Records / Germany) #HHF(HIP HOP FORUM/Digital Magazine) and the fans Worldwide.)

His first recording session was a little nerve racking because it  was an official toss of his my name into the ring as a new face and artist. Having done open Mic and freestyle sessions before, this was something different. No longer was he in the shadows.  Finally deciding to make it do what it do, he released his first solo track titled I Love It.. the rest is history.

Biship expresses a little disappointment in the mainstream because it’s totally taken the life out of the true meaning of hip hop.. “The 5 elements have been forgotten and the Music has no substance anymore..I’ve noticed the same thing happening to the underground as well (Smh)… But not all underground artists fall into that revolving door.. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and becoming a fan of their work.. bottom line.. to be mainstream you have to be a puppet. Underground you have freedom of expression.  I am always open to any collaboration as long as it’s a serious artist and business is business.. too many people are just doing songs just to do them but not taking it to the next level.

 Biship’s advice to those who are looking to dive into the arena is to stay original, set goals, make sure you have BMI or ASCAP to protect yourself as a artist/producer/indie label, and stay motivated!


Moving strategically, Biship has made his mark and is protecting his court.  Make sure to keep up with him and MobOut Entertainment for all the latest happenings!


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