Huey D. Hollister


You have heard it said never judge a book by its cover and that is something that holds true when you hear the name Huey D. Hollister aka Howard Smith from Rosedale, Md.  This diamond in the rough has staked out a claim for himself in Baltimore’s rap world and he plans to stick around for a long time.  Let’s meet Huey D. Hollister!

As a young artist, Huey D. Hollister upon appearance has a baby face.  He remembers that no one wanted to give him a chance because of  his appearance at first. Looks can be deceiving and Huey is the proof that you never go by looks.  Rapping seriously for the past two years his father first noticed his love of music when at the age of three he was singing the song Renee by the Lost Boyz. Many other skills came into play such as drawing but music seemed to take hold.

Keeping with the desire to write, he continues to write his own lyrics.  He has produced before  and currently works and produces with Luke Banga. He also works with ATay 47 (rapper/producer/engineer/videos), and GHood (rapper/producer)  all Baltimore based artists.  Huey released Tony’s Story Part III on YouTube to 60,ooo views.  He got what was expected but knew he wanted more so he keeps at it.

Huey writes music you can understand.  He does not want to make music that is not literate or with a made up vocabulary.  ‘All music does not have to be about drugs and killing and such”, say Huey.  He considers himself a one man army but remains humble.  No entourage, no gangsta mentality.  He finds that in the rap world, underground artists are  lyrical and talented but just underrated.  In order to understand the underground artist you have to understand their hunger and effort and most of all you have to listen to them.  He’s sees mainstream as very self-centered.  There is is a lot going on with those who have something to say but only say one thing, too much of a like mentality.

He has a bevy full of rappers that he listens to and draws from.  Drake, Meek Mill, Wu-Tang Clan just to name a few.  You can also throw in the pot Kendrick Lamar, Wale and Miguel for added flavor.  Huey draws his strength from family and friends, especially is uncle and grandmother as well as responses from Instagram and Facebook.

His advice to up and coming young artists is to work hard, stay hungry and try to get better.  Make sure you lyricism are lines that will be talked about and they will remember the hunger and feeling in your lyrics.

Another name to add to the growing list of rappers that are serious and plan on staying!  Rememer the name Huey D. Hollister!



You can find this artist on Facebook, Instagram @hueydhollister Twitter @hueydhollister and on YouTube Howard Smith TV




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