Day Two of the Women of Hip Hop in just one word……………………….Flavor-full!

Food by The Original Hip Hop Chef® Chef Tye……Slap yo’ Momma good!

We stepped into the halls of the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, Bronx New York.  Under construction, imagine walking into a huge foyer, original floors still intact.  Your voice echoes the hallways as you enter the main room where you see bright concrete and you are greeted by a beautiful ice sculpture made exclusively for the event!  Illuminated by purple and pink lights it catches your eye immediately.  Over on the left, a group of people are feverishly working to set up a gastric feast before the event starts.  As we put together tables and chairs, I greet my friend as he is making sure even the smallest detail is on point!  The smell of the food drifts towards the ceiling and well, I am getting hungry!  Chef Tye has done it again.!


The Original Hip Hop Chef® has wowed again as he put his heart into this event and it shows. When he presented the cake, the piece de resistance (in my best french voice), the ooo’s and ahhh’s filled the air.  To describe the food and the attention to detail may be my greatest task at hand.  From the juicy chicken to the banging meatballs, the rice and green beans to the pasta salad, there was flavor in every spoonful!  I watched all who were in attendance going back and forth with one and maybe two or more plates in hand.  I can safely say that if there were leftovers, I did not see any!  The tea fountain was a very classy touch as were the cupcakes and yes the ambiance!


Chef Tye you have done it yet again and I cannot wait for the next event!