I just want to share with you my latest writing.  I felt the need to speak to my sisters out there!

I call our you Queens!  True Queens…….

Remember that your duty (notice I did not say job) is more than to look good.  A Queen is respected and shows respect.  A Queen holds her KINGdom in high esteem.   A Queen does not talk down to those who may be in a lower status.  She is distinguished and embodies the essence of a woman.  She is able to show restraint and then kick ass when necessary.  She is privileged but not obnoxious.  A Queen is effective in loving her KING and calming the storms that rage within him.  She can weather the storms of life, bare children and still take care of home with a smile.  A Queen rules her bedroom but can be a kitten and curl up with her KING.  She stands with her KING and has his back.  A Queen adjusts her crown and remains the most powerful piece on the chessboard of life.

Why did I write this?  Many ladies take the name Queen and cannot uphold the title.  Many take the spot but act inappropriately.  Many feel they deserve the title but do nothing to embrace it.

To those who embody the word and The title…..I salute you!  Werk that crown