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Silent Voice

She sits and spies as the world goes by  longing for that feeling called free. Trying not to cringe as he brushes her neck  and whispers you are beautiful to me. Why doesn’t he see past the one eye open  the other closed...

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Butterfly Shadow

I saw the shadow of a butterfly I looked up to hope Would it flutter past? Butterfly, a show of hope, new birth and regeneration Caused me to look to the hills from where my help comes. I did not have to see you to know you were...

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Beautiful BLU with Mary Kay!

When you purchase from Beautiful BLU, you not only treat yourself but you help countless other women who are experiencing Domestic Violence. A portion of purchases go to support 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness. $1 from every purchase goes to the Mary Kay Foundation to support awareness around the world!


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