I have noticed some very defining changes over the last few weeks.


I had to understand somethings, asked myself some questions and grow a little thicker skin.  Time to make some serious decisions and get moving.


I have realized that my mountain is not your mountain and the way I climb may be different, but I pland to see the top and God said I can!  The plan is for more influential, positive and uplifting people in my life and more exposure of my gift which He has placed in me… fed and spirit led.


One way or the other, this hole I climbed out of will be filled with the soil of determination not to go backwards, not to let the sands of time run over what has yet to be.

I am taking the next step….so watch out…the smoke will be heavy as my whirl wind starts…If you wit me holla if not step back.


Love always fills me and I will continue to encourage and uplift.  It is time for another step of faith another step of grace another step towards Him!


Lady Blue

Redemption Song

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