You see all the beautiful photos of women and the time taken to put on a flawless look or what is called in the world of make up getting your face beat!  You would think with all the time taken to put all those layers of color on you would want to take care of your skin and remove all of that before going to bed…one woman in a recent yahoo article apparently learned the hard way.

I don’t want to show graphic photos so I just shared the link. Look at  your own risk.  Before you wake up like Beettlejuice or pull a Tammy Faye Baker and hit the pillow with all that make up let’s look at the effects of what falling asleep in your makeup can do to your skin.


According to Cosmo one of the reasons you don’t want to fall asleep with makeup on is because your pores will be pissed!  Clogged pores do not make for happy skin. Makeup can acutally stretch the pore and make it look bigger. Removing makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe.




Another reason is your skin will get dry.  Dry skin is no fun and actually hurts. Makeup sucks the moisture out of your skin leaving the top layer of skin irritated and and dry. Moisture is key for youthful looking skin!



The makeup you leave on your face also brings along the day with it. What you walked thru outside is now planted on your face and well, its dirty!  Pollution can contribute to premature aging and stress.  You don’t want to look old before your time!









Toil Toil boil and trouble!  What is the perfect combination for acne soup!  A buildup of bacteria, debris, and oil.  Even if you don’t normally get breakouts this is the perfect playground for bacteria to play so wash your face!









Think about all the places you and your makeup have been today. Then imagine it hanging around all night. If that sounds like a recipe for a flare-up, it’s because it is. “The skin is good at tolerating a lot of things, but it can become reactive. You don’t want to leave things on longer than you have to. So makeup that might be fine for eight hours can actually create a negative reaction in your skin when left on the skin for 24 hours, he adds. And if you’re already prone to sensitivity, sleeping with makeup can trigger skin issues. Like with acne, it just goes back to finding a cleanser suited to your skin type. If you have sensitive or even rosacea or eczema-prone skin, look for skincare formulas that are fragrance-free; oftentimes, the fragrance offers no additional benefit. Ditto with choosing oil-free formulas if you tend to be on the oilier side.