Known as the cultural jewel of the Carribean, St. Maarten has a lot to offer for the budding tourist looking for the island experience.

Come where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences like the Heineken Regatta, where hundreds of vessels set their sails for a yearly race, or the St. Maarten Carnival, a parade of dance and live calypso music.


Where else can you be on the beach and watch an airplanes come in close enough to touch or feel the engine roar as it begins to take off for the blue skies! Maho Beach, bordering the Maho Resort and Royal Islander Club, is a small stretch of white beach. It is the location that attracts all of its visitors: The beach is located at the Western end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport, thus providing you with a very special experience! For those who love the thrill, watch incoming jets gliding in & landing just a few over your head. Jet ski, snorkel, bus or walk this island and discover its hidden treasures!


As I look forward to a trip to this part of the world, I look forward most to the food and culture.  The attractions are sure to take your breath away.  One thing that caught my attention is the Sea Trekk.  Where else in the world can you experience the ocean, sea life and underwater wonders than here.  A quick lesson and you are fitted with with a weighted helmet that allows you to breath and talk underwater and walk the ocean floor approximately 30 feet down.


The only candy shop in the Caribbean with free wifi…over 400 kinds of fresh candy. Local candy & Dutch. Liquorice and chocolate as well…come meet the Candy Man from Canada & hear his story of his love of this wonderful island of St Maarten!