Complying with Policy and Natural Hair

I have read a number of stories lately that have me in a mix of emotions! What is the big deal about natural hair?!?

Naptural85, one of the natural hair bloggers that I follow

I stated on my show last week that we all started with natural hair so when we decide to stop using the relaxers and chemicals and heat appliances, our hair is going to do somethings we have not seen since we were kids.

I recently read a story of a young girl who was mocked and ridiculed by adults in front of her middle school class for her natural hair.  I saw the pictures of her.  This was a beautiful girl who hailed from Bermuda and her hair was well kept.  It appeared to me that the principal, who was the main antagonist and an African American female, just had a problem with not being able to go natural herself!  The principal told her that her hair was against dress code and went as far as to write it in herself.  Mind you this young lady did not back down. She stood her ground and after much protest was allowed to wear her hair as she has always done, naturally.

Now I am coming across a story in about a server who was sent home because her natural hair did not comply with restaurant policy.  Come on!  Afros have been around for some time and she was not unkempt!  It just seems to me one individual has a problem with natural beauty!  Apparently the management requests that all his servers wear their hair down.  She was nice enough to show them that it did not go down like all the rest.  Apparently she wore extensions during the interview and that may have been the only reason she was hired(1).  So does your job depend on your look or your hairstyle?


LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 25: Actress Viola Davis attends the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage)

There are many a blog out there for and against the natural hair movement.  Some will agree that naturally women should be allowed to wear their hair as they see fit.  Too many organizations in my opinion want to fit societal standards.  Many female newscasters have done away with the fake locks and started to don their own hair. May I be the first to say many are beautiful.  I myself have stopped using relaxers for the past three years and my hair has done fabulously without them.  My heritage gives me a style of hair that has gone thru generations in my family though most have ended up cutting theirs short.  I remember distinctly my grandmother telling me don’t you cut your hair!

Natural or processed, dreded, twisted, short or long, be comfortable in your own beauty.  Natural may not be for everyone but when you find that style that is yours, own it!


Check in your local area for a natural hair care stylist who is knowledgeable out natural hair.

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