Conversation with a friend

I called to talk with my forever roomie the other day.  We have been friends for over seven years!  We have been through thick and thin, partied together, crashed together, been to the hospital together, we have done life together.  I was there to support her when her mother passed, her father  and her sister.  I adopted her as my own sister knowing I would never take the place of Georgi but I could remind her of the bond of sisterhood!  She was and still is here for me.  She saw me through pregnancy, took me in when I had nowhere to turn and made sure she  had my back when my father passed away by flying me back home when family turned their back on me.  If I tell you the way we met you would never believe it.  At first we really did not like each other but it was that one evening where everything changed and we became fast friends.  We have done the Allsup’s run for burrittos and cooked some amazing food together.  She introduced me to Moscato….I remember that night with a smile!  We were up until at least 4 in the morning, tipsy and giggly.  She somehow knew I needed that.  I needed her!

She now is battling thyroid cancer.  Ironically, my father passed from cancer.  Though I have moved to another part of the country, she is still my forever roomie.  We can pick up a conversation at anytime and like we never parted.  Her long beautiful hair is gone but her beauty still shines through her smile.  She is married now and has an amazing husband.  Surgeries, chemo and more crap comes and goes.  The weight of cancer treatment is heavy at times and it shows and I can hear it in her voice when I speak to her.  She is not used to it.  She has always been a go-getter, taking care of what needs to be done and now, she has to be taken care of.   A few fundraisers helped to ease the burden and life continues on.

Every now and again when we talk, her emotions get the better of her.  I let her talk so she can get it all out.  I remind her that her emotions are hers and to own them.  You have the right to go in a room, close the door and scream.  You have the right to laugh, cry, make faces.  My only request of you is not to live in your pain.  Live your life!  I gave her a journal and told her to write.  If you do nothing else, don’t bottle up.  Her body is taking alot!  She is strong!  I have helped out by paying a bill or two.  There is so much more I want to do.  She reminds me that I need to take care of my family, her godchildren and she can wait.  

Her leg is now the issue with this cancer stuff.  She needed a wheelchair.  She was not sure how to reach out to get one.  She told me she kept waking up at night saying God was telling her she needed to call a friend of her late sister.  Night after night, call this person, call her…..tell her.  She finally did.  One conversation and by 9 that evening, she had a manual wheelchair that would be delivered the next day.  But it gets better.  A local news anchor was contacted.  This will show you how God works.  She was informed a phone call would come from this new personality.  He called, introduced himself, and told her he would personally deliver an electric wheelchair to her to make it easier.  I was overjoyed!  He came to the door, introduced himself, showed her the chair and chatted a bit.  After he left, she looked and said I have two chairs!  She told me she had two chairs.  I said one for when you feel like working out and the other for when you don’t!  After that laugh, I reminded her how God does exceedingly abundantly and beyond all you can ask of Him according to the power that works in us.  Her sister was the one nudging her and God was the one reminding her to step out on faith.  Now she is in touch with an organization that helps with cleaning, cooking, and the more!  Hows that for miracles!!!!!

The moral of this story is…………………when you are losing your mind and going crazy and you have nowhere else to turn or at least you think you don’t, that is when God goes to work.


KerBear…you know I love you and that will never go away. You are my sister till the end of time.  To quote Cyndi Lauper…”I see your true colors shining thru, I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you. So don’t be afraid, to let them show, your true color, true colors…are beautiful like a rainbow”!



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