How do you define your WHY?    When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade or just turn and point to someone or something else?  Does your spirit speak to you and do you listen?  Many of us want to find our calling but don’t slow down long enough to listen.  Having a conversation with God is something that can be beneficial.  Fayon Witche has taken that step and shows us a piece of her in her 31-day devotional called Conversations from the Heart.

Rev Fayon Witche is a woman who found her calling in helping people. Starting out in her career as an accountant,  she found no satisfaction in dealing with numbers all day. So she prayed and waited until God gave her signs that counseling was the field for her to enter. Fayon attended and graduated school earning her masters in counseling. During her journey, she found herself writing down her conversations with God during various phases of her life. “Times when I felt anxious, discouraged or stressed God would remind me of scriptures that addressed my feelings.  So after writing a number of them I felt led of the Lord to compile them into a book that I can share with others that may be experiencing similar struggles or feelings related to their own experiences”.  Fayon loves to talk with people and her greatest desire is to help someone find and live their purpose as well as be whole. She is currently a youth pastor and practicing mental health counselor. “God uses both my knowledge of His word and my counseling skills to help those along my path. I especially have a passion for young women because I believe so many need help in being settled in their identity to make better decisions for their lives”.

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica,  her mother migrated to the United States when she was 10 years old to provide a better opportunity for her family.  After filing for all of the children, Fayon was the first of her siblings to migrate to New Jersey at the age of 18 to join her mother in 1992.  She quips, “I’m a Jersey girl”.  “My mom is my role model and my biggest supporter. I have seen her manage challenges in her relationship and still remain a tower of strength.  My mother and father have always told me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Both never graduated high school but drilled into my head that I had to go further and make use of the opportunities they were never given.  My nieces are my heart beat and the driving force behind me wanting to see youths especially young ladies strive for success”.

 Having always enjoyed being a listening ear for others and people older and younger than her, she would always feel comfortable in any and every setting for others to talk about their problems.  After accepting the Lord in 1997,  she found that the word of God provided healing for the soul. So in her endeavors to help others, she would share the word because she had proven it for herself. This also led to the willingness to write the book. “In my community,  I have seen so many dysfunctional relationships, wounded people and those making poor choices because of a lack of knowledge, resources and mentors.  I have been able to build relationships with youths in the urban four area of New Jersey and offered groups and mentorship to them”.

I get inspired by seeing someone live out their purpose and having successes in their life while growing as a person. I see myself as a support and coach providing encouragement to others along their journey in life.

Rev. Fayon Witche


One of the biggest challenges for Fayon was getting the book from manuscript to publishing. Having many obligations/roles and with helping others,  time was never taken to focus solely on writing. “I took care of everyone and everything before fulfilling God’s vision for me to publish this book”.  When Fayon started writing she did not even consider these devotionals as being part of a book.  “Once I decided to create a book at times I would become busy with other responsibilities or emergencies especially related to my family.  At that time I never knew personally anyone that was an author so I was not even sure how and where to start regarding publishing my book.  Then at times it felt like a dream that was unattainable as I was presented with various challenges including financial and family struggles, but I knew that others needed to hear my experience so they can be helped too. Honestly right now I would not change what I am currently doing.  However, I would like to provide girl groups to the community specifically addressing self esteem, body image and positive choices”, says Fayon.  

Fayon has a simple piece of advice for others.  “Everyone has a story to tell so go ahead and write it. Share your thoughts and ideas with the world someone needs to hear your point of view to help them.  I would encourage them that there is power in telling your story.  They can achieve anything they put their minds to.  Who would ever think that an immigrant girl from the island of Jamaica, the youngest child for her mother that grew up in the ghetto would be a published author today?  Determination is the key to success. Never give up on your dreams and remember every decision and action you make takes you one step closer to your goal”.

Lady Blue asked Fayon if there is something that she always does or says that would make a difference in the outcome of what she has accomplished.  The one thing she  always tells herself is that there are many solutions to the problem…. I just need to keep looking.  “I seek out opportunities to help others live their God ordained purpose. It is my belief that others do not have to make the same mistakes I have made. In addition I am passionate about sharing resources and information so I am always telling someone about opportunities I have found that they can utilize”.

What does the future hold for Fayon?  Well, she certainly sees herself writing more books, blogging, and facilitating more mental health workshops on a variety of topics in her community. She has an 8-week program called Building and Maintaining Healthy Families that addresses parents and their children and relevant areas such as discipline, family roles, times etc.  If you would like to find out more you can reach Fayon at or on twitter @fayonwitche.


Finding and defining your purpose.  Taking time to listen to others and enjoying the space you are in!  This is what makes Rev. Fayon Witche a beautiful spirit.  Make sure you pick up a copy of her book and utilize it in your daily devotion.