Cynthia’s Harvest

-Cynthia’s Harvest was started May 2015 due to the fact that my mother who is Jamaican started to do juicing as a means of making money. The family was going through hard times in Jamaica and my mother is an amazing cook and Baker, in addition, she used to make some of the best fruit juices ever. We decided to use those talents to make money. We started going all cross Baltimore by train selling the juices. Then we moved on to the Howard park Farmers Market. The demand for the juice sky rocketed and we sold out of the juices, most of the time within an hour or two. 
– The Pineapple ginger is a combination of mainly, as the name suggests, pineapple and ginger. The combination provides our customers with an eased, relaxed and frequent digestive system, cleaner, smoother looking skin, helps weight loss and is a wonderful substitute for soda and other harmful drinks. 
-The cucumber refuels and rehydrate the body, helps the health of the skin and gives energy. It is a proven antioxidant, is has awesome anti-inflammatory benefits, not to mention providing you with vitamin know and a lot of other important vitamins and minerals.
– The carrot is a great aid for eye health, a great antioxidant and is also a healer and builder of healthy skin. 
These juices encapsulate everything that is needed for a good healthy alternative to harsh, acidic, unnatural drinks. Sugar in any capacity is bad for you, however when compared to other Juice products and brands, natural and unnatural, our sugars are much lower in number, thus providing the balance that is needed to maintain a wholesome diet.
For more information, orders, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 443-802-4975, or email us @ 

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