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Friday was like any typical day in my life after I got off work.  My mindset was to get home and get some sleep!  Before that could happen, I had errands to run, a doctor’s appointment and a meeting that I have been looking forward to for over a week.  We had been chatting via text message and I was looking forward to what I could glean from this face to face meeting. 

When this energetic soul came up to me and gave me one of the best hugs I have had in quite a while I was thrilled.  She then asked me how I felt about heart to heart hugs!  I said, the bigger the hug the better! Strong handshakes and big hugs are what I am about.  Where was all this leading you ask?  I found out some very exciting things about handling my on line businesses and about the world of Doterra and essential oils that made me look at things in a completely different light!  Healthy living just got better.

You hear so much about what is good and what is bad for you that it is hard to keep straight.  Knowing what you put in your body is just as important knowing where it came from and the process it took to get it there.  Understanding the fundamental uses of essential oil is key to making them work in your life.  My meeting started off with receiving the book Go Pro and the opportunity to learn how to handle business on line.  Then came PastTense (tension blend).  A little across the back of my neck, behind my ears and across my hair line.  The scent alone was great aromatherapy but the fact that I gave no second thought to trying to relax, I just did!  The meeting continued from there and I learned about everything from the benefits of Lemon, lavender, Melaleuca and Vetiver to the combinations of Slim and Sassy. Breathe, Deep Blue, DigestZen, Elevation and Serenity!  The bevvy of knowledge was amazing.  Did you know that Frankincense is not only one of the most precious of ancient oils, but is a sought after product for its many healing uses to include relaxation, mood enhancement and aromatherapy!  Yes, incense is not the only way to enjoy this beautiful scent.   Vetiver, has a beautiful aroma that just puts you in a good mood.  Cinnamon Bark has many amazing properties!  It is good for circulation, relieving aches and pains and for food flavor.  But I discovered that it is a great mouth freshener and as an aromatic it can enhance the mood, if you know what I mean!  I don’t want to give away too much in one writing but there are so many benefits to these oils it is amazing! 





I am glad that I met Ava.  I am touched that she gave me what she did; knowledge, great fun, a feeling of connection and much much more!  I have a new and thirsty knowledge for all things natural and with Doterra and this knowledge; I can’t wait to help someone along the way to a healthier way of life.


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