I came across what I think is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful love stories for a newlywed couple that I have seen a long time.  You know somehow that love has woven itself between these two human beings as you read this story.

kreshabajaj wedding

Bride and Koesch designer Krésha Bajaj Zaveri went about designing the stunning dress of her dreams after getting engaged to partner Vanraj. If you are a newly engaged couple or have already walked down the isle, you know the daunting task of going about choosing a wedding gown, much less having one made to your specifications.  When you know what you want and have envisioned what it will look like it makes things alot easier and makes the burden of the dress much lighter.  This bride took her dress to a whole new level when she decided she wanted it to tell a love story…..that’s right a story.  Dividing her dress into panels, she intricately embroidered her story on her dress!


The story starts with “a hem of jumping dolphins” signifying the work the couple did to protect cetaceans.  The dress then goes on to show everything from the proposal in the Maldives and planning the wedding.

It took her around three months to complete and the end result is pretty darn gorgeous. The detail of the cherished moments is not only beautifully personal but also looks dazzlingly stylish.


The skirt is now framed on her wall and makes for an interesting edgy art!  Unconventional according to the designer but exactly what she wanted it to be!