Eartha Kitt Was The Beyonce Of Her Time

EARTHA KITT WAS THE BEYONCE OF HER TIME Earth Kitt was one of the first mega-stars of her day (of any race). Eartha Kitt used her fame to become an activist. She fought for the rights of African-Americans and stood publicly against the war in Vietnam — a position that got her blacklisted and forced her to perform overseas for several years.

Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives. She was elected in 1968 and represented the state of New York. She broke ground again four years later in 1972 when she was the first major party African-American candidate and the first female candidate for president of the United States.

TULSA, OK WAS ONCE THE RICHEST CITY AFRICAN-AMERICAN CITY IN THE US..Until white people burned it to the ground in 1921. Enraged by the financial success of the African-American section of town dubbed “Black Wall Street”, Tulsa dropped fire bombs with bi-planes and then attacked the city on foot, massacring its residents and chasing down refugees. They burned hundreds of homes, businesses, hospitals and churches. Those not killed fled as refugees or were arrested. Postcards of the event were a popular keepsakes to commemorate “running the negro out of Tulsa.” The government didn’t acknowledge the massacre until 1996. “Black Wall Street” never recovered

Billie Holiday may have made Strange Fruit famous, but the anti-lynching protest song was actually written by political Abel Meerpool, a political activist and schoolteacher from the Bronx.

Dr. Roger Arliner Young was the first Black woman to earn a Ph.D in zoology. Dr. Young’s path to her degree and career was unconventional, but with the help of a caring mentor she would find success.

MARTIN LUTHER KING DIDN’T DESIGN THE MARCH ON WASHINGTON That was Bayard Rustin. He was the main organizer and architect of the Civil Rights movement. And without him, there would be no Martin Luther King. Why isn’t he more famous? Because America’s greatest civil rights leader was openly gay.

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