June 2, 2018 @ 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
1701 N Gay St
Baltimore, MD 21213
Baltimore Girls (Her Story)
Who Am I? @ Baltimore | Maryland | United States

Our 3rd summit is finally here! Join us for an essential discussion in our homes: Self-Identity and Self-Awareness.

We all have struggled with our identity. Who we are, what defines us, how we stay true to ourselves while adhering to society’s standards and pressures. Although it is normal for our young ladies to find themselves during their developmental years, we’re providing a space to accelerate that process. There are levels to identity that tie directly into swlf-worth and growth…..and we going to help your daughters to understand that plus more!!

This is our story and our mission with ABGS. Come learn more about it and define yours with your daughters on Saturday, June 2nd!!

*Tickets will be available directly though our officers through CashApp and Paypal. Please contact Yalmikia, Sarah, or Stacey directly for details.*


A Baltimore Girl’s Story is for All young women, for Every girl with different ethnicities, inspirations and interests. Thank you so much for taking interest in A Baltimore Girl’s Story!

Our mission is to uplift the lives of teen girls and young women of color by teaching them self-awareness, self-identity, and self-wellness strategies to help them deal with and cope with everyday issues in the real world. ABGS sponsors tri-annual seminars, a mentoring program, and a monthly Lighthouse Workshop for a more personalized experience. Take a look around our website at www.abgs-her.org and see what we’re all about, and how we’re helping the communit