Faces of Me

Faces of me, Faces I see
When I wake up wiping the sleep away
Saying thank You before the start of the day
One eye open, one eye shut
No rut, just a plan
Do i do it my way? No i follow Gods plan

I know I will feel a range of emotions today
Id rather be up than down
watch the sun come up and feel the warmth surround
My soul welcomes the many colors I see
Faces of you and Faces of me

As I scrunch my nose or curl my lip
nothing phases me as you see I can dip between the good and the bad, I have seen far worse. You have no idea the memories in my purse as I dig thru the menagerie of days gone by did you ever stop to ask me why?

I close my eyes and watch the lights twinkle, they dance the fall the always mingle. I face the day with strength anew never forgetting the me or the you that always seem to collide when decisions need to be made, you pull left I pull right, deep sigh again we try

Now my head in my hands rub my face and remember look back on the months that happened before December. I loved, I lost, I prayed, I stayed, I cried, I smiled, I wondered all the while. I shared, I cared, I distanced myself, I drew near. Most of all I prayed when i could do no more. God carried me through, held my hand, cradled me, stayed with me and gave me the strength you now see before you.

Faces of you, Faces of me
Heartfelt and free
I can only live the now
where God wants me to be

Lady Blue

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