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When you hear good music that makes you wiggle in your seat, tap your feet and yell, “That’s my Jam,” it may have come from one of the hottest DJs in Baltimore and his name is DJ Twizz!

Something about music pulled him in.  Food hustling became a lucrative pastime for a young, hungry kid from the Woodlawn area of Baltimore.  Antwan Campbell would create and trade mix tapes for snacks.  His love for good food birthed a love for music.  Never having personally used vinyl records, friend’s records were always available to him.  He remembers the first record he ever played, Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force. Hours were spent in various music stores like Sam Goody’s, Musicland SunCoast and Metro II looking and listening for the latest remix.

As his music interest grew, he started taking interest in DJs like Swift and Reggie Reg.  His first ever event was a New Year’s Eve function at a luxury apartment building.  “I started out with a pre-set list because I was not familiar with the crowd.” This party introduced him not only to a new scene but to techno music that he grew to love.  The name DJ Twizz was the result of metamorphosis over the years.  Names like DJ Twan, DJ Twizz the Don and DJ Twizztastic were starters.  His influence came from the late Earl Barnett who gave him his first bar gig at the Edison Lounge and from Baltimore legend Mike Crosby.  He met Mr. Crosby at a mid-year event for Full Circle Entertainment.  He found him to be a very humble man with many pointers.  This event showed his prowess because he was asked to continue by security because of a hold up.  It all came together at this point.

Currently his equipment consists of the Pionner Pro DJ DDJ-SR DJ Contoller, that uses the Serato program, an incredible mixing software that allows the user to customize music.  His love is not only in music, the man can draw as well.  He also runs TwizzIz Creations.   His first drawing was Bart Simpson on a skateboard.  Later on working with a buddy a comic book came to life called Moon Knight.  This idea was a hard lesson learned because the idea was pitched to Geppie’s comics and nothing happened.  Returning five years later to the store, he was floored to find that someone took their work and was living their dream.  After completing 6 months at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he started TwizzIz Creations and it has been eight years going strong.  TwizzIz Creations has done graphic design for BG&E, the Oriels and About Faces Spa to name a few.  Merging his second brain child Charm Star Entertainment, the two together gave him the opportunity to change not only how he was seen, but to teach others how to promote and market themselves in the industry.  The main problem he sees with  most companies is that they don’t research before they create a logo.  The trick he says is to keep it simple but recognizable.  The public should be able to recognize your brand from afar.  He believes once you have a logo, you have to ability to put your stamp on the world.

His advice to those looking to get into the field is to always keep a good repore.  Never be afraid to network because it is not always about the dollar bill, but the love of what you do.  “Do it because you want to, not because you have to, “ says Twizz.  Many go under because they don’t bring in the clientele.  Free is not always a bad thing if it will get you seen.


So for your next event or if you just need flyers to represent you, keep TwizzIz Creations and Charm Star Entertainment in the mix!


Article to be featured in the Bridge Gazzette

Music featured on http://antwancampbell.podomatic.com/


You can find DJ Twizz, TwizzIz Creations and CharmStar Entertainment on Facebook and Instagram!

For booking information contact:410-900-0722 i96066659._szw480h1280_


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