How do you feel when you have done something that you did not think you could do? You feel like strutting right?  Be honest, we all do.  I know that reaching a  milestone that in the beginning was just a thought is HUGE and just cannot be ignored.  You want to shout from the rooftop and tell it on a mountain top so everyone knows that you did it!


The feeling of accomplishment is a wonderful feeling and nothing to be ashamed of.  You can and you should toot your horn.  While you are tooting though, make sure you give thanks and credit where credit is due. You have asked thousands of questions, endured sleepless nights, wondered off and on if this is what you should do and most of all questioned yourself a hundred times!  All through the process you never gave up.  You did not let the naysayers win and now you are here at the finish line of your dream.  Do you stop?  NO!!  You move onto what is next. A dream keeps unfolding and offering new opportunities and avenues to branch to.  Just remember, what was IMpossible is now Possible!