With just a few days left, there are still bills working their way onto the chamber floors.  Can you help give them a push? 
When the House and Senate are unable to agree on legislation that has passed each chamber in different forms, the bills are sent to a Conference Committee.  Those committees are tasked with reaching a compromise, and if not, the bill dies for the year.  
Sometimes it is imperative to keep a bill from going to Conference, and other times we need to just work with the Committee members to make sure the best version of the legislation wins out. 
HB1596/SB1010 – the Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018  
Sponsored by Senator Craig Zucker and Delegate Kris Valderrama, it would help protect rights of employees but also would help shine light on sexual harassment in Maryland by requiring large employers (over 50 employees) to report annually on the:
*  Number of sexual harassment settlements
*  Number of sexual harassment settlement agreements containing a non-disclosure agreement (an agreement to keep the settlement secret)
*  Number of times a settlement has been paid by the employer for the same harasser over the past 10 years (the “Harvey Weinstein” provision)
The House Economic Matters Committee gutted the reporting provisions, but the Senate Finance Committee kept them. This means that the bill will go to conference committee to work out differences.
Furthermore, our partners at the Maryland Health Care for All Prescription Drug Affordability Coalition have brought to our attention that recently a subcommittee of the House Health and Government Operations Committee voted to pass an amended version of HB 1194the Drug Cost Commission bill. It has passed through the House, and has headed to the Senate Finance Committee and hopefully then the Senate. We are pleased that, if enacted, the amended bill will continue to move this issue forward and build for future General Assembly Sessions. 
To support these two pieces of legislation, take action!
Contact members of Economics Matters and Finance Committee and ask them to KEEP THE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS on Sexual Harassment Settlements!
Thanks for all of your support throughout the legislative session.  Your calls and emails have a direct impact on what bills make it to law
Yours truly,