The race for Governor in Florida got real as the Democratic Candidate may become the first African American to win this race while Republican front runner has made cringeworthy statements embolden by his support from Donald Trump.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis are in a war of words that is one for the books!  Gillum stated voters aren’t looking for a misogynist, racist or bigot, while the DeSantis said voters shouldn’t “monkey this up” by choosing his African-American opponent.   Gillum told CNN that his race is about uniting the state and that voters want someone is who “not misogynist, not racist, not bigots.”

Of course #45 had a comment and stated Wednesday on Twitter that not only did DeSantis win but that “his opponent in November is his biggest dream.” He called Gillum a “failed socialist mayor” who has “allowed crime and many other problems to flourish in the city.” We shall see what happens in November!  Make sure you get out there in vote!


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