For the Love of the Curve

Today I celebrate the curvy girl.  Yes, those of us who have a little more junk in the trunk, bigger twins than most and a muffin top.  I speak to those who have yet to embrace the diamond behind the curve.  Your unique is something that most have not tapped into and you should tap into and fast! 

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see what society deems or do you see a work in progress?  Are you able to hold your head up and walk into a store, restaurant or event with the sass you know you are born with?  The picture up here?  Yeah, that’s yours truly!  I could never have in a million years said I would do that but I had to break out of my shell because I wanted to be more than just a big girl!  I wanted to do something that would reflect the way I felt inside…pretty and free.  


I had the honor of interviewing @curvyR2R  Tonee Lawson and Rae Nicole Davis, both plus size models, have a light about them that honors just being a female.  They love the skin they are in.  The notion of #DoGoodFeelGoodLookGood emulates from both of them.  The one thing that I have learned is that the push to acknowledge the curvy girl is slow but it is taking hold.  The areas where it needs to be recognized more is the runway.  Runways are now looking at plus size models but in the wrong way.  Your bra size does not make you plus size.  Stores like Torrid, Ashley Stewart and others are placing the plus size mannequins in store to make shoppers feel better when shopping for clothes.  The average woman is a size 16 not a zero and that should be acknowledged everywhere.  We need to teach the younger generation that body shaming is not okay.  We need to show to be okay with who and what they are not what society tells them they should be.  The average magazine now is over 200+pages of advertisements that attempt to tell you what you should look like instead of helping you embrace who they are. Many of the younger generation is bullied into trying to fix something that is naturally beautiful.  Now I am not saying you can’t enhance your features if that is what you choose to do, but first embrace what God made…..He makes no mistakes.

As I stated on my show today, dress your sexy from the inside out!  Start in the shower!  With your favorite scented soap or shower gel.  Get your mind set!  Layer those scents so that they not only drift up to your nose but so you can see that smile when you pass by your secret crush (or significant other).  Slide into that matching bra and panty set and enjoy the feel.  Think about your special someone when you put them on and how much fun it will be to discover what you have on!  I personally love the look on my husbands face when I surprise him with new “unmentionables” it makes it fun!  When you put on the skirt, shirt, pants or whatever it is your wear for the day, dress to your mood!  I really think that when you embrace the beauty that you have you become a different person!  You reflect how you feel believe it or not!  Stand up and say it out loud…I AM PHATABULOUS!  Another one of my favorite lines from the movie Phat Girls is this…”a pearl is not a pearl until it is out of its shell.  And I know that under that shell of yours is a big, bold woman waiting to burst out and enjoy life”!  So why not start now!  Enjoy your SEXY ladies, big and bold as it is, it is yours so embrace it!


Photo of Lady Blue courtesy of Classic Imagery Photography Dallas, TX



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