Genius of my Love

I must write down when the thought comes to mind for it will never pass again in this moment, in this time. I cannot cry over the loss if something I never had, never held or even sensed.

Fill me with words that are fertile and full. Give me vision like the sun and moon, an energy that flows from stream to ocean. This electricity of love you set in motion.

Strum the strings of my being like Santana plays guitar every note a feeling. Blow your horn and strike the chord as my minds eyes opens at your very touch filling a cup that was once dry.

Saturate my curves, the caverns so deep and wide. Hold me down in that secret place, soft notes and kisses trail reviving what once lay still. You bring me here you give me chills as we ride the song I sing..softly…sweetly let the excitement build while shadows dance and candlelight plays

I’m waiting for you to touch my mind and stroke the genius of my love. Slowly untie the string that holds mountains of thoughts eager to be set free.