I used to think the way to get right with God was to do like I saw those in the church do. By that I mean knowing the books of the Bible, where to turn in the Bible, which Bible verse to spit out at the right time, going to church every day being in church ALL day; it was almost like it was never ending! I also thought thought that God would hate me if I thought about divorce or didn’t do right by my kids if I didn’t do all this certain things that the Bible stated.  I mean where was I going to win right?

It wasn’t until I came out of my abusive relationship actually sat down with someone who can explain the Bible to me, i.e.my pastor and really focusing on what happened to me when I went through a very rough time in my current relationship did I begin to understand what God meant in my life, His place in my life and what he was doing in my life.

Psalm 8 describes to us How Majestic the Lord’s name is in all the Earth where his Dominion is, where we are in the earth and what powers that he has given to us but he still maintains his dominion over all the Earth. In John chapter 6 we learn about what it was that was given to us. It wasn’t anything that we did that gave us this peace, this love and this Mercy it was the act of one man who took an ultimate act upon himself to give us that everlasting life. It was during that trial of being apart from the man that I love that brought me closer to the one who loves me the most. It gave me a friend when I needed a friend,  the shoulder when I needed the shoulder and it helped me to understand further how much I needed to lean on Him and not on myself in order for my life to have the meaning that it supposed to have.

Just as the lesson was learned from the withered fig tree in Mark 11 verses 20-26, I have learned that faith is the biggest thing that I needed in my life I needed to rely on the fact that I believe that God could do what he could do and I had to step out of my own way and let God do what he’s good at which is saving me!

Just know that He’s there he’s willing and He is more than able to do all that you asked for all that is asked for is faith as small as a mustard seed in order for him to enter into your life.  Be blessed!