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Fashion comes and goes but for fashion with flair in Baltimore, Tasia’s Underground Fashions is here!

A child of the Lafayette projects, fashion called owner Kathleen Randall to dress Baltimore. She felt fashion was limited in the city and noticed that if a certain style caught on, everybody just ran with what was popular.  Fashion does not have to empty your wallet to look good.  Baltimore has a style of its own.

Her fashion journey began while running a daycare. Pocketbooks, jewelry and other accessories were just the tip of the iceberg. Her first store, Tasia’s Unique Fashions opened in 2010 in Essex, MD and the grand opening was an event! Clients followed from the daycare to the store. ”The dress is the palette and the accessories are the paint”, so why not combine her love of both. A simple black dress is the start.  Every girl should have a basic black dress. Hair is an accessory as well. As fashion changes, hair brings out a woman’s personality as well. As African American women, we are as versatile as our clothing, hair shoes and jewelry. You can go from day to night with a simple jersey dress, heels or flats and then accessorize! The Boho look is fresh and simple.

Kathleen brings fashion to the county since not everyone can make it to the city and may not always want to shop city.  Drawing her fashion sense from New York and New Jersey, fashion in Baltimore pulls from every corner of the east coast.  She also believes that the curvy girl needs to be seen as well. What current fashion sees as full figured is not even close. “The models I use are curvy so that you have visual sense of how you will look in the dress you choose”. Her true passion is shoes, the closet is full. If she could raid a closet, it would be that of Jill Scott. She says she has kept it together through divorce, weight loss never losing sight of who she is as a woman.

Her biggest accomplishment is her network.  “Without the women you associate with, there is no business.” Many have inspired me locally like Sabrina Williams and Dee of Dee’s Cupcakes to name a few.  “We need to lift each other up emotionally, physically and mentally.” Also working with Vonetta Chapman in her first fashion show in April 2013, Vonetta Chapman and the Plush Models Agency ushered Kathleen onto the scene. The Rep Yo Grind fashion show was the premier of her clothing.  Kathleen also works with Sworn Secrecy Model Agency.

Her family is important. “Without my husband, I’m not Kathleen Randall. I’m building a foundation for my family with my husband. Happiness is my husband, my faith and my family.

So for your next shopping trip, drive over to Harford rd just inside the city county line and visit Tasia’s Underground Fashion and give your fashion sense a serious boost…….get T.U.F!


Kathleen and her husband Tony! “Without him I’m not Kathleen Randall”.

You can find her on FB and twitter
Store location: 7917 Harford Rd, Lower Level