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Theresa Ervin is a former runway model, who started her career in Florida in the early 1980’s. She modeled professional for nearly 8 years, including Ebony Fashion Fair and JCPenny catalogues. Being is a mother of 5 and has been with her husband for 25 years, Ms Ervin has a strong belief in loyalty and family. Her love of family carries over to her business in 3Divas Designs & Studios and is the foundation the business is built on.

Ms. Ervin started 3Divas Designs & Studios in 2010. Together with the help of her business partner / daughter, the company’s exposure, record of success and reputation has grown quickly. Ms. Ervin’s belief that modelling is more than just being a pretty face or having a fierce walk…that beauty comes from within is the premise and vision that propels 3Divas Designs & Studios forward in the fashion industry. Making the word “DIVAS” stand for something; Dedication, Integrity, Virtue, Attitude and Sincerity. These 5 standards are words Ms. Ervin lives by and it is these principles that drive her to more than just managing her “Divas” fashion career but to assist them in becoming upstanding public figures.

In 2015, Ms. Ervin launched Road2Fashion.  Road2Fashion is a fashion tour that is geared toward small business and gaining exposure for local artists, models and entrepreneurs. Road2Fashion has a growing following in several cities, including Atlanta, Philadelphia, DC, Virginia and Maryland.

In 2016 3Divas Designs & Studios opened a small venue; where photo shoots, launch parties, small intimate events and audio recording can take place. Due to Theresa’s over 17 years of corporate management experience, coupled with her desire to improve the lives of young individuals and the ideal of a family oriented environment; 3Divas Designs & Studios is well on its way to being a premier agency and small venue facility in the DC Metropolitan area.


Fashionably Yours,

Theresa Ervin

Owner – 3Divas Designs & Studios

(240) 838-5579

Dedication, Integrity, Virtue Achieve Success

FB:3Divas Designs & Studios

IG: @3divasdesigns

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