I was reading an article in the recent June 2017 Redbook issue and it got me to thinking…..Does sex get better with age?

In this day and age of free thinking and exploration, the world of sex is more than just sneaking a porno or a quickie or self satisfaction.  I have heard many say that men reach their prime before they are in their 20’s and women well after 30. Is sexual liberation making sex more accessible or are we just finally tuning into our bodies and understanding how we tick?

As a 50-something myself, I have to agree that sex has gotten better over the years.  I finished with exploration, different relationships and wanting to find out about what turned me on and off via different people.  I personally found out that the connection with the one person (my husband) who is willing enough to discover what makes me happy is so much better than trying to dig up unanswered sexual questions about myself because we discover together.  Now don’t get me wrong, I salute you if you are sexually liberated and are free with your body.   However you choose to find what gets your motor running go for it!  But like the article states, like fine wine, parenthood and other instances in our lives, sex just gets better. You become familiar with your senses and your surroundings and most of all the ignition key that turns your motor!  I could use expressions all day but you get my point!  

Why do you think seniors are so frisky?   They have lived a life either with one specific person or with no one at all and well, to be frank about it, miss the thrill!  It does not stop just because your are considered to be up there in age.   There should be no reason to be ashamed of your sexual nature.  Self exploration in my opinion is a formidable way to find your go button!  Many are not aware of the effects of their G-spot, the difference between a body orgasm, vaginal or clitoral orgasm.  Men, you too have a G-spot.  Body reaction and body sensations are critical in that your partner recognizes your reactions, sites and sounds. Your senses come alive and well, euphoria best describes the “after glow” from a good romp in the sheets!  

Feel free to explore additions to your  bedroom play!  Add a toy or an outfit.  Try something that you have thought about but stopped yourself from experiencing. Have sex somewhere you have not had it before (be careful)!  Don’t be afraid of sex or the words that come with the act itself.  Ladies, turn on your sexy and fellas turn on that charm.  Find ways to make foreplay as much fun as the act you will eventually get to.  Enjoy the feel of your partner and take your time.  Men, I encourage you to take your time.  Women need to be revved up (though some are ready at the start).  Feel how her body reacts to your touch.  Ladies, communicate your wants and needs.  Never assume because he is a man he is supposed to just know what to do…and vice versa.  Spice it up! Shop together and find out what turns you on or makes him hungry for you!  


By all means, if you find that you are in any way addicted and require help, seek a therapist or counselor.  If you feel that you are in a situation that you can’t get out of or are experiencing harm in any way, shape or fashion, contact your local police department or tell a friend.  Your body is yours and you should not be violated for any reason.