M.A.M recording artist DA KID

M.A.M recording artist Da KID


Have you ever watched the gleam in an artists eye when they are truly feeling their music?  The slow fire that builds up and seems to surround them.  The embodiment that surfaces when you see the dedication to the craft.  As the room started to fill on this rainy Monday night, I knew it was about to come alive with hip hop and movement for the album release party for M.A.M. recording artist KID, G$ST90s (Gettin Money since the 90s) held at The Depot in Baltimore, MD.


M.A.M. recording artist KID

Bmores BaddGurl

Bmores BaddGurl



M.A.M. Recording artists and CEO Jay McGraw

M.A.M. Recording artists

Jess Reel

Jess Reel

1002648e-c00c-444f-97ad-9a4cda637e93 I was greeted at the door by CEO of M.A.M. Records Jay McGraw and introduced quickly to his right arm VP of M.A.M Records Singleton Newman.  The atmosphere was light and in get ready mode as I received my goodie bag and watched the festivities begin.  I watched to see who would come thru the front door.  A few were there ahead of me like Lavar Hayes of Sweet Tooth Gourmey Catering and Tazz Spitta enjoying a drink and conversation.  I walked to the back of the building and introduced myself to the DJ Keon who had the beat going immediately and was playing a little something from producer Bryan Lyrics.  There was not a moment of silence in the place as there was plenty of conversation, laughter and hugs to go around as familiar faces greeted each other.  I noticed the artwork lining the walls  as the football game took over the televisions at the bar.

Rep Yo Grind and S.O.O.N. by Bryan Lyrics played as the party came together and the host got things going! Sheek N Sassy Entertainment CEO Sabrina Williams ushered in a impromptu Cypher to show off some skills of the artists in the house.   Chin Yer Wright of the Baltimore Crown Awards and Boobe from LLR was a pleasure to meet and get a hug from.  Jerome Barrett from G.G.I Radio was also present taking pictures while meeting and greeting. Artists started to get the night going like Jess Real with her songs Respect and Tension. Team Kreamate blessed us with Beautiful Ashes one of my favorites. 411, Giggles and Dimples were enjoying the atmosphere. Bmore’s Badd Gurl hooked us up with Dat Yes.  

KID was next!  He was truly supported the M.A.M. records crew.  I got a special kick out of the only girl in the group who held her own Wizzy Wizz.  The beat and the fever of the music increased as we listened to beats like How We Do It, G$sta90s featuring Tre Niks, Boss Moves featuring Jay McGraw, My Team featuring Wizzy Wizz, Tazz Spitta, Jay McGraw, Blizzard and Chase Sudlah, Living Good featuring Wizzy Wizz and Good For Me featuring Stone.  The floor was covered with artists reving up the mic, setting it on fire and leaving you wanting more! I thoroughly enjoyed the dedication and the beats laid down by each artists and would recommend listening to the heart that comes from the music and getting your copy today!

Thank you Jay McGraw and Singleton Newman for a wonderfully enjoyable event that was music to my ears! 


G$ST90s is available on 

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