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“Here I am, building my brand from the ground up.  This is something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was a little girl, born and raised in Detroit, MI.”
As a star on the rise making her mark on the world, Tre’ L. Bryant is ready to shine.  Tre’ is a first time author signed under New Breed Publishing, LLC.  She has worked personally under her mentor/publishing company owner Lakia Nichole.  Her literary journey has become a dream come true since her recent debut release “Where There’s A Will, There’s a Way” in 2015.  The book is inspired by her experiences as a domestic violence victim and focuses on her abusive relationship that expanded over twenty years.  She has beaten Domestic Violence and now does her part to give back as a survivor to help others. She shares her personal struggles, fears and accomplishments as she takes back control of her life.  Outside of the new release, Tre’ is a devoted mom of two young adult children, a makeup artist, personal stylist, model and  head creative director for an upcoming men’s grooming line, all while still being just the girl next door.  She has also made her introduction into the world of internet radio as a regular weekly co-host with Red Snapper on Word Sexy Radio.  As of January 2016, she was appointed Vice President of social media and public relations for Urban Image magazine.  She is determined to be in pursuit of all her dreams and has decided that her literary journey will continue, as she plans to write another inspirational book.
Book Excerpt from Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
Here soon to be released book! A survivors self help guide when dealing with Domestic Violence.
A survivors self help guide when dealing with Domestic Violence.
My wedding day was going to be everything I wanted and I started to become so excited because I wanted this to be a grand and memorable event in my life one that had nothing but beautiful memories to share with my off springs for many years to come. I was ready to plan every single detail and be completely hands on in making my special day one of the biggest and best days of my life.  Thoughts of my wedding day were stuff that dreams were made of growing up I was excited about taking my vows in my family’s church which so happened was the very same church that I was baptized in and also where my parents were married years before, a freshly cut floral bouquet made up of different shades of purple roses ranging from the lightest to the darkest with splashes of clear Swarovski crystals that look liked finely crushed diamonds, a dream gown that was fitted to my curvaceous body, and a lavish reception with china patterns and perfectly decorated to my very particular taste and tons of friends and family to witness it all. I always wanted a beautiful day cloud free so that the sun could shine directly on me as if it were God’s personal spotlight allowing me to have that one precious moment to shine with my beautiful babies in tow but instead I settled for a courthouse, immediate family with no friends or extended family, and a justice of the peace that looked like Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard and a day that was full of flashfloods and severe thunderstorms. The mood in the air was not of happiness but that of uncertainty trying to figure out why such a life changing event felt more like a family hour during the passing of a loved one. There were no flowers, my dress was made by a seamstress that I only had one fitting with just so she could get my measurements and once my wedding dress was finished, it was too tight and did not fit the way I imagined it would and I had no time to reconsider anything else so I had to make it work. Could it have been that this day was just doomed and never really meant to happen? As I think about it nothing was happy about that moment. My wedding video was even destroyed, with no professional photographer in sight to take pictures and no real memories to share with my children or future grandchildren the day felt like it never existed. The only two things I managed to keep that even proves that such a day took place is the marriage license and a picture I manage to get of my wedding day with me looking into my ex-husband’s eyes but there was no smile on our faces and the picture looked empty. The happiest day of my life felt like a normal day nothing different and everything the same. Even my I do’s were said in 5 minutes and I still would like to think that to this very day that my marriage was never legalized because they left some important stuff out.  My ex – husband informed me early on that being married to him would be a bitch and I jokingly laughed it off but I should have been taking that shit as a warning sign as to what was to come based on the past experiences that I already had being with him.

Ms. Tre. L. Bryant

Vice President of Social Media/ Public Relations

Urban Image Magazine


Phone: (248) 331-3401


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