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Let me introduce you to my next guest writer, Vanessa Fleeton.

Meet Author Vanessa Fleeton
Meet Author Vanessa Fleeton

Vanessa has revealed some of herself in this excerpt.  She has experienced life with passion, pain, love, laughs and faith!  Her purpose is to motivate young adults through their obstacles in life and to discover their God given purpose along with healing herself.   She defines purpose as the following:


I believe that you may find a little bit of yourself in this excerpt from her book Pursuing your Purpose.   Enjoy!


I knew I was passionate about people who were raised without love and felt abandoned, those who searched for love and made mistakes in the process, and those who felt unworthy. These people were me and I had those feelings as well. God uses our painful experiences to lead us to our purpose.

I first thought my passion was to help others manage their finances, but that’s just a gift. Whatever moves you is what you are drawn to, and that’s what you should focus on. What you would do without receiving payment is almost certainly what you’re passionate about.

I prayed to God and asked Him to show me my purpose. I opened myself up to what he had to say.  I remember sitting in church last year and the question posed by the leader was, “What do you want a double portion of?” I asked God to reveal my purpose and a husband that would complement that purpose. Soon after, God started revealing more of my purpose and opening doors for what I was sent to earth to do.

Years ago I searched for tee shirts with positive messages. I found several negative quotes, but didn’t see many uplifting ones. It was then that I thought about starting my own tee shirt line. Years later, I brought VAF Apparel (inspirational rhinestone products) to fruition.  What you think you want may be totally different from what the Most High wants, and that is why you go into prayer mode to find out His plan for your life.

I connect with people of like minds; who already operate their own businesses and can lead me in the right direction.  When I vend at various events, even if I don’t make money, I walk away with great contacts who will help me to fulfill my purpose.  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to reach your destiny.  

I’ve come to realize that you must learn new skills and perform some tasks for yourself. You can’t always depend on others to deliver certain services, so I decided to cut out the middle-man as much as possible. Feelings of frustration will set in when those you depend on don’t follow through on their commitments in a timely manner or fail to provide quality work. You must remain determined and diligent to accomplish your purpose with or without the assistance of others.

What motivates me most is when I see the end product of something I’ve designed or created, whether my rhinestone tee shirts, bags or bracelets. I get excited when I do something that’s outside of my comfort zone, especially when it turns out well.  I’m inspired when I envision speaking to thousands of people. When someone said to me, “I can see the anointing on your life and this isn’t a business for you, it’s your passion, I get chills just talking to you,” that pushed me to press onward.


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