I took part in a 30 Day Picture Man Challenge in November hosted by International Photographer and Philanthropist Milton Lawrence Jr. Milton not only gave lessons in photography but also stopped along the way to give us his feelings on different topics and this  situation that is plaguing men across the country and around the world.  Recently a video featuring Pastor John Gray evoked feelings that mostly came from the female populous with little sound from the male side.  I wonder, have we forgotten or are we just ignoring?  Let’s see what Milton has to say.

What Happen To This or Have We Forgotten?

Ladies this is called providing a covering for us. We can not do this for ourselves. Not the plate but the covering, a safe place where we can take off our camouflage. I don’t want to argue or debate, I want to learn the source of all of the hate and disdain for men and our unemotional issues? There was a time not to long ago that showing emotion could get you killed, bullied or taken advantage of. I understand, this is not how it is today (Or Is It). We are living in an age where it is ok to show and express your feeling’s as boys and men. I am glad that we have progressed to get to this point. In the same breath please give us time to come out of the emotional man cave to express how we feel and equally as important how we connect or disconnect with in relationships. I believe to attack men because your voices are strong is only attacking the symptom and not the source of the problem. #TheResidueIsReal I would ask you to help us with your voices, ingenuity and resources by partnering and providing a safe place for our young boys to be educated on both the topic of provisions and wholistic expression of ones feelings. It will take us both men and woman working together. By no means am I suggesting that we will wait on a helping hand as men but the reality is we are not equipped to teach these boys how to express their feelings as we are still learning ourselves. Most of us role models as men teachers, coaches, and mentors are motivated to become such because we didn’t have it growing up. Consequently we do an amazing job with motivating the boy’s but can’t find a way how to have an impact on a emotional level to give them a space to not man up but release out how you are feeling without judgement. The emotional man cave is real and it is one that we glorify on TV as a place of solace but what we are really doing is creating a safe place to disconnect which provides the absolute worst example of emotional stability and emotional covering for our woman. The threat is gone stealth but still has the same impact if not greater today. All I am asking is that we attempt to come together, combine our power and platform to fix the environment for the next generation while we also self evaluate and fix ourselves. Lastly, I am not perfect nor have I ever professed to be. I am not the best writer but I felt like I needed to get this off my chest. Before you decide to come for me on all of the writing mistakes, just like my unemotional toxic masculinity issues, that too I am working on. #IWantToBEBetter #WeWantToBeBetter #JustAThought #PictureManisAsking

I come from a household where you are taught to fix that plate for you father, grandfather and elders without question.  As we grow older, we find that world influences cause us to exchange our upbringing for momentary recognition and a like on social media.  We lose the true meaning of marriage, union and togetherness for the sake of independence. Ladies, we are in the position to lift our men up but spend most of our time trying to outdo them and show the world something only meant for him. If you have ever read the Willie Lynch Papers, much of what we see with the Black population is still ongoing today. When will we stop hurting out own?


Thank you Milton for your view point on this matter!  I truly believe that there are many things that we need to go back and look at and reflect on.

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