Single bead of sweat rolls down the center of my back

sparkling reminder of the love between us both

Houston…..we have ignition

A kiss to further fuel my essesence ready to discover the universe

Land on Mars or rove on Jupiter?

What lies beyond the furthest reaches?

Can euphoria transcend when eyes meet

hands grip, bodies melt, galaxies collide together as one.

Ready for blast off, your thighs my launching pad

my hips ground zero…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…liftoff!

Your neck the eclipse

my chest heavy, a meteor blasting through one beat at a time

Our nerves are like a million stars bursting creating something new as we break the barrier leaving gravity behind.

A new galaxy created when your hand brushes my skin

rocket me through space and time

linear movement

stellar completion

The after-burn returning to earth

oxygen depleted

the crash in waters raging

the parachute released

floating down as earth comes into view

now it is just me and you

Houston….successful mission!

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