In life we all go thru ups and downs.  Some we never expect.  But when you find that the strength within you is more that you could have hoped for, the gift you unwrap is amazing, like the planets just aligned in your favor.  As I was going thru my social media, I came upon this young lady born and raised out of Harrisburg, PA.  I was not sure what it was that intrigued me but I knew I had to find out more.  Marz Romain has experienced a tragedy that most of us cannot even fathom.  But the Phoenix rises again to bring you a beautiful result. Let’s get to know this young rapper.
Tell LB readers about you and how you came to be who you are today?  I became who I am from all the things I’ve been through in my life whether they were good or bad.  You can’t choose what happens to you, only thing you can control is what your response will be. If I had a chance to change who I have become or am becoming I wouldn’t because I’m a work in progress. I have a vision of the person I will be in the long run and that’s enough for me.
What made you decide to do what you do and how has the impact on community changed your life?  It took for my little brother to be murdered in 2015.When that happened,  I was speaking with my mom and she said something to the effect of; “do you know what your brother probably thought in his dying moments about all the things he wished he did”? When she said that it’s like a switch was turned on.  Life is precious and taken for granted all at the same time.  I don’t wanna wish I’d done more when its my time to go.  I have changed the way I look at things and that in itself is magical …I’m from the hood but I take notice to how the flowers smell, I study brain power, Manifesting  etc…I just want to show life appreciate everything in it.
I pray before sleeping and give thanks when I open my open my eyes.  Marz Romain
What inspires/drives you to do what you do?  I inspire me. I can’t wait for someone else to inspire me cause they may never come.  They say good things come to those who wait but IT will only be left-overs from people who choose to get up and get it!  Everything I have done I’ve done without a team. Let me correct that I did have a manager and a team for 3 months but that didn’t work out. What I’m saying is this isn’t easy by far.  I’m a supervisor so I work 10 hour days come home and work on this music.  I heard from a birdie that you should work harder on yourself than you do on your job dedication.
What has been the biggest obstacle in achieving your success?  My biggest obstacle is not having enough time in the day. Other than that I’m gonna work till I get where I wanna be.



What advice would you give to young people who are intrigued by what you do?  My advice for younger people:  Don’t ever think this is easy   You cant just record a song put it on the internet an expect to become famous. The over-night success you see has been working for years…. Planting seeds, Their harvest caught up with them. Stay in school and if you really wanna do this music thing than find balance. Balance is key. Be receptive to information from everyone then sort it out and take the things you can use an keep that ,the rest toss it out. Dedication ,Education and balance is what it takes to do anything you wanna do in life. I never understood what grown-ups meant when they said knowledge is power until a couple years ago. Its real ..Be young, be free, and don’t be afraid to dream.
How has family played a part in your success?  I have support from my family, but I feel like it’s my dream……no one will care as much as me.  No one will be as excited as me, etc. Its mine so its my responsibility.
Is there any one thing that you constantly do/say that makes a difference in the outcome of what you do?  Discipline and not in a bad way, but if you don’t have discipline what you gonna do when the motivation runs out? Discipline=Reputation !
What is in store for Marz in the future? I don’t know what’s in store so I cant say but I pray to god I can handle it in such a way that will make me proud to be me .
How can readers reach you or find out more about where you perform or to find your music?

I’m still working on finding places to perform but,  here are my social media sites.

Her spirit is contagious.  In just the short time that I have spoken with this artist she continues to push forward and emerge better than before.  Keep an eye out for Marz.  I see it in the starz for this young lady .