Long, slow sip of Hennessy, warms my insides, burns my pipeline.


Thoughts of you invade me, dancing and playing in the sensual playground of my mind.


Making me smile and laugh and whisper under my breath…000000, baby what you do when you move on me like that.

Take my direction, slowly not too fast, what is the hurry?  We stand together, vulnerable outlined silhouettes. Close your eyes and drink in my essence, the drip of your tongue, sweet effervescence.

Show me what you mean when you utter let me love you, not just for today but for what seems an eternity – one stroke after the other.  Heartbeat steady, candlelight frenzy as we go down to higher depths


Passing of time, entwined in a dance only two can play when it is just you and me and a slow sip of Hennessy



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