A lyrical powerhouse is hip-hop inspired by legends who honed their craft.  Hip-Hop with a message and something more to say.  Hip-Hop that motivates.  Island born, New York bred and lyrically spirited, remember the name Gorganus!
For Omar Gorganus Robinson, it all started out just watching what he believed to be Hip Hop legends with a group of friends after school. “It made us want to be a part of something greater, a message so to say,” says Gorganus.   Music is something that motivates and brings people together, according to him, something that lived with him moving from St. Kitts to New York and now to Augusta. “I wouldn’t be me without music.”  Born and raised on the island of St. Kitts is where the journey started into music with a hip hop group called X-Bass Clan, later on  the name was changed to soundcore. The move to New York happened in 1998 searching for work so that he could bring his mother and brother to the USA.
Being inspired by classic Hip Hop legends and seeing the lack of Real Hip Hop in the music industry Gorganus decided to choose this path. His community has pushed him to become the best that he can because we have many talented artists.  “I feel that the majority does not want to hear of see truth anymore.  Our society is full of money, cars, women, drugs and clothes.  All you have to do is spin one of these on a beat and you’re famous.  There are artists who have insane talent and put their souls into their work but the recognition isn’t there because music is for entertainers nowadays and not creators.  People are so enwrapped in what others think that they lose themselves trying to make a dime.  This is life and these are the cards that have been dealt, it’s up to us to make the plays.”
Thinking back to his first performance  experience, Gorganus puts it this way:  “The initial experience has been a dream basically.  Meeting and performing with new artists.  the feeling of being able to reach people or relate to people.  Music has a unique power, it holds feelings, moments, stories and so much more.  To be able to reach even one person with my music is truly a blessing.  Of course everything that goes up must come down.  The only downside I have had was felling like no one wants to listen or that I am not able to help everyone with my music”.  To Lady Blue that is a powerful statement from an artist. His family hasn’t been a part in my music, he tells me.  “They thought it was a joke but, I think that my music will have the last laugh. My girl has been my biggest fan and a blessing. K.W.”
My biggest inspirations are my kids, my fans, those who paved a way for hip hop, the voices that can’t be heard and lives that are being falsely accused daily. Out of everything though I do believe that love conquers all.”
When I asked Gorganus what he would change about what he does, the answer was simple….”Nothing…this is my purpose.”  His one consistency in everything is the truth.  “I don’t sugar coat my music and everything I do is done simply because this is who I am.”  
 His message of inspiration to upcoming artists is to let the hard times fuel you and push you into creating the good times. Know that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. If hip hop is what is calling you then learn the 5 elements and make sure you do your research. Never be afraid to be original and find your passion. If you learn to be an artist for you and not for society the outcome will be greatness.
Gorganus is currently working on future shows, new tracks updating his website and releasing his album: The voice of Real Hip Hop on March 11th, 2017. “I see my future being real hip hop.”
You can reach me at Gorganus.com, fb Gorganus, ig Gorganus, man you could even Google Gorganus I am like the first 5 hits…don’t let real hip hop pass you by!
And there you  have it!  A real artists living his truth.  Make sure you check his music out, you will be glad you did!