History a Different Way

We all have a different view and opinion about  January 20th, 2017.  Today a man leaves office and a new one steps in.  We are watching others destroy property and others protest peacefully.  There are levels to this inauguration and we are only touching the surface.  We can look at pictures and see that there is a true difference in the events that are taking place on this occassion.

Whether you have chosen to watch  or go about your day, something that happens is going to effect you in some way, shape or form.  Many of the fake stories are hitting social media as we speak and controversies are swirling like a mad tornado ready to take out the next believer.

May I suggest to you that you educate yourself.  Don’t just believe what is put out there.  We as citizens have the right to know what our government is up to and what we can do to make it work for us.  Too many are out there attempting to sway you in their direction of what they feel and think  is right. Use your own mind and morals to guide your in your decisions in the next four years.  Don’t just jump on any bandwagon.  Don’t formulate an opinion of hatred before you know the facts.  I am asking all of you that read this blog to put your best foot forward.  We all watched a wonderful man lead this country for 8 years and it is hard to say goodbye.  We must respect the office of the President of the Untied States.  Be prayerful and mindful that you are being watched as well by family, friends and constituents .  Your actions today will reflect in the days to come.  This event will be over and we will have to deal with the following days.  Be prayerful and mindful of the fact that God is in control. 

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