Get out and Stay Out!


Humble.  This word best describes two young men and their brand GOASO. This Baltimore based duo of Alan Upshur and Leon Robinson have been friends since high school and even though their lives took a similar and what others see as drastic turn, they took a definite negative and turned it into a positive that is being heard by all of Baltimore….GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

Born and raised in Baltimore, Alan mostly the west side Reisterstown area and Leon East Baltimore but grew up in West Baltimore.  They saw the struggle, they lived the struggle but just when the struggle wanted to break them they said no and moved on.  What we have to realize is that there are a lot strong people out there. Growing up in a negative environment, for Leon it was hard to avoid hanging out with the wrong crowd.  This choice put him in prison. Alan traveled a like path but was mostly a fighter.  His mentality was the for the drug crowd.  The intensity grew when he got into college.  Books during the week and doing wrong while at home on the weekends, prison was his ultimate destination as well.  While in prison facing heavy charges, he wrote on the back of a piece of paper the words Get out and Stay out. Faith kept them both strong.  Leon is currently completing college and will be graduating with a Business major in May from Morgan State.  Through it all they both learned that to elevate yourself and learn as you go will move you forward.  They also learned forgiveness as well.  “You can’t play the blame game’, says Alan.  “You have to learn to accept responsibility and take ownership of the wrong things in order to get the lesson out of it all”.

Their logo came to be a form of fashion expression. Their clothing is a way to express yourself and a reminder to keep the positive and not focus on the negative.  The bike logo was designed by a friend who took their vision and made it unique. Inspiration comes from family.  For Alan it is his mom and dad.  For Leon it is his father, his ancestry and the chances they did not have that he can take advantage of.  For both while they are here they choose to make a difference somewhere so they can leave a legacy.  The beauty of this whole endeavor is that we own it! It is ours and nobody and no one can tell us what to do.  We are black owned and black run and we are a dream realized where we can use our creativity to bring good to our city.


The only thing that they can both say they dislike about the business is that it’s not harder. Like Zeus, who could adapt to any form or shape and experience weaknesses in human form, we are not just designed for one thing!  We can be like Amazon, Go Daddy or Apple but we have developed our uniqueness on our own and that is what sets us apart.

They both see the company thriving and competitive in years to come.  They will continue to motivate, innovate and be successful.  They hope to travel and implement positivity programs and take it to larger markets.  Alan says that they are undergoing completion of a non-profit sector.  They envision a resource center in Baltimore that promotes ownership, entrepreneurship and education.

Their advice to those looking at them and seeing a future in this type of endeavor….when things are complicated, it is not time to fold.  Keep on keepin on and move forward from it. You will never maximize if you stay stuck in the past.  When you don’t move forward, you are dying.

In todays up and down world this positive duo has a definite impact on the outcome!  Remember to GOASO!



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