In the Blue

Have we Forgotten?

I took part in a 30 Day Picture Man Challenge in November hosted by International Photographer and Philanthropist Milton Lawrence Jr. Milton not only gave lessons in photography but also stopped along the...

Remembering George H. W. Bush

Today a son remembered his father, a man whose footsteps he followed in.  Today we laid to rest the 41st President of the United States. After three days of funeral events in Washington, Bush was headed home to Texas for more ceremony and then his burial Thursday....

Artist Spotlight


Sheryl Underwood Radio

Sheryl Underwood Radio

Top female comedian Sheryl Underwood is now apart of the Wmsk family. Funny, exciting and real. Catch Sheryl and her team Every Monday-Friday Right here at 7am. Log on to or Get our FREE App Join the Fun!...

Blue Notes


Will You Remember? Will you remember me in the time before you? Will I be just a memory that plays in  your mind from time to time? Or will I be the fantasy that you want to live over and over again? Funny, my world has no revolving doors, all are welcome. Some come...

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Out of The Blue

New Love I prayed for you Stayed on my knees for you My heart carried you when you could not carry yourself I sang for you Belted out tunes of you feeling notes that came from nowhere when you could not hear your own song I carried you when no one would step up to the...

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Matters of the heart are difficult, especially when you have played the game and jumped all over the chessboard Open but recluse we act on what the heart wants Can you relate? At the point where what we want lies beyond our fingers reach dormant in the mind You hear...

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The Step of Two

Our Dance Dance with me See me in this twilight called space Follow what seems to be an endless beat and the melody falls down over our ears Cherish the time with me Follow me as I lead you across the dance floor En point, Pas de Deux, tango one and two Your gaze...

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Genius of My Love

Genius of my Love I must write down when the thought comes to mind for it will never pass again in this moment, in this time. I cannot cry over the loss if something I never had, never held or even sensed. Fill me with words that are fertile and full. Give me vision...

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One day I sat down and decided to draw the image before me it was a dancer She held a pose that as a young girl I longed to fulfill, my dream of bathing in blue spotlight among the cheers of thousands. That picture started to take shape and day after day with free...

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Growth I have noticed some very defining changes over the last few weeks.   I had to understand somethings, asked myself some questions and grow a little thicker skin.  Time to make some serious decisions and get moving.   I have realized that my mountain is not your...

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Woven WOVEN (HIS TAPESTRY) AS you run your hand across the vibrant thread of my being colors filling the corners of your mind as you follow the threads of my tapestry Flowing up from darkness as stars that were so numerous glowed from above shining on this love that...

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Urban Flow!

Urban Flow! The standard dictionary does not have a definition for the word floecist.  The Urban dictionary on the other hand defines this word as a lyricist that combines elements of rap and poetry.  This indelible combination can be found in one beautiful package...

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New Artist On Scene!

Meet Queen Pheen formerly known as Pheenix as spoken word, hip hop artist. She proves you can flow on just about anything! Vett Stunna hitting the scene with her latest called Let's Do It! Love love love! Her voice is one...

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