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Baltimore Jazz Festival

It was my husand's birthday and we got ready to settle in for good music at the Baltimore Jazz Fesitval. Earlier in the year we were disappointed with the coordination and scheduling of the DC Jazz Festival and so you can bet we were ready to be amazed and we were!...

5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue

October 19th is the date of the 5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness conference to be held at the Furley Rec Center 4633 Furley Avenue in Baltimore, MD.This is a ticketed event. Must have ticket to enter. Group rates for 5 or more are available,...

Artist Spotlight


Candi Staton

Candi Staton

Article pulled from Yahoo Entertainment   Singer Candi Staton says she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 78-year-old said she received the news over the summer on the first day of rehearsals for her tour. She writes in a statement, "I decided to keep it to...

Blue Notes

In Remembrance Of…



One day I sat down and decided to draw the image before me it was a dancer She held a pose that as a young girl I longed to fulfill, my dream of bathing in blue spotlight among the cheers of thousands. That picture started to take shape and day after day with free...

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Growth I have noticed some very defining changes over the last few weeks.   I had to understand somethings, asked myself some questions and grow a little thicker skin.  Time to make some serious decisions and get moving.   I have realized that my mountain is not your...

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Woven WOVEN (HIS TAPESTRY) AS you run your hand across the vibrant thread of my being colors filling the corners of your mind as you follow the threads of my tapestry Flowing up from darkness as stars that were so numerous glowed from above shining on this love that...

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Urban Flow!

Urban Flow! The standard dictionary does not have a definition for the word floecist.  The Urban dictionary on the other hand defines this word as a lyricist that combines elements of rap and poetry.  This indelible combination can be found in one beautiful package...

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New Artist On Scene!

Meet Queen Pheen formerly known as Pheenix as spoken word, hip hop artist. She proves you can flow on just about anything! Vett Stunna hitting the scene with her latest called Let's Do It! Love love love! Her voice is one...

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Money $$$

McMillion Financial Most of us who think of financial stability think that it just means as long as I have money in my checking account all is good.  I’m not living paycheck to paycheck; I must be doing something right.  But how many of us think in terms of...

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Marques Dent

Listen Up Baltimore! There is more to Charm City than what you see on the news.  Marques Dent, a lifelong resident, has seen the good and bad in Baltimore while growing up in east Baltimore. Having served in several different places throughout his military career,...

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Local Love 2015

Local Love! Love is in the air!  Every site and every sound!  Love is in the air, everywhere you look around!  Not that you will start singing any old songs but this event was right on point and on time with food, fare and fun for all at the Local Love Shop 2015! From...

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Kinetic Soul

Story Time! I want to tell you a story, one that reflects all the beauty that surrounds us daily.  Do we ever stop to think of how we relate to it?  Our energy is kinetic. (Of a work art) depending on movement for its effect, of, relating to or resulting from motion. ...

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Get out and Stay Out! Humble.  This word best describes two young men and their brand GOASO. This Baltimore based duo of Alan Upshur and Leon Robinson have been friends since high school and even though their lives took a similar and what others see as drastic turn,...

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Beautiful BLU with Mary Kay!

When you purchase from Beautiful BLU, you not only treat yourself but you help countless other women who are experiencing Domestic Violence. A portion of purchases go to support 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness. $1 from every purchase goes to the Mary Kay Foundation to support awareness around the world!


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