In the Blue

Have we Forgotten?

I took part in a 30 Day Picture Man Challenge in November hosted by International Photographer and Philanthropist Milton Lawrence Jr. Milton not only gave lessons in photography but also stopped along the...

Remembering George H. W. Bush

Today a son remembered his father, a man whose footsteps he followed in.  Today we laid to rest the 41st President of the United States. After three days of funeral events in Washington, Bush was headed home to Texas for more ceremony and then his burial Thursday....

Artist Spotlight


State Vs Us Magazine Release

State Vs Us Magazine Release

A voice for the Voiceless! We want to thank each and every last one of you for your patience while we effectively give you guys the BEST 1st Issue we can give. So excited! The magazine release date is March 20th so be on the look out for your copy if you ordered by...

Blue Notes

Beauty In Words

Stephanie Randall It’s a quiet rainy day.  Sitting on the bed, lap desk on her knees, author Stephanie Randall prepares to write another page in her exciting line of books. Get ready to feel intrigue, personal thought and maybe a little self-reflection from the world...

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Ya Heard!

CCDRS   Sep. 7, 2014Baltimore hidden gems are out there you just need to know where to look.  Internet radio has a global market and a local name is heating it up! Ernest Harris, a.k.a. Edigga, the man you all know and love, is the CEO and voice of the Charm City...

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Visual Soul!

Poetless! We define Poet as a person who uses words or possesses a skill of imagination and expression.  Defining the word Less as a smaller amount of or not as much.  When you put the two words together, you get Patricia Johnson a.k.a. Poetless.  Her use of words and...

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Illadelp          Wordsmith - a skilled user of words. Every once in a while you come across someone who has the panache for putting words together that move you and make you think you gotta hear more!  I heard about  Illadelp (a.k.a. Kenyatta Parker) via a close...

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That Face!

In the Eye of the Beholder! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  We all are familiar with that statement.  Sometimes you have to look past the mirror and past the brush and you will find the soul that creates the looks you always imagined on film and camera or just...

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Struggle Mewzik

Hear Her Roar!   You can find Jae on Facebook, Twitter, IG,, YouTube  We are gonna do things just a little bit different Baltimore.  My girl Jae TheLyoness took the time to answer some real questions while out doing her thing.  Let's hear her roar! What part...

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Smokey Vibe

Imagine it…..dim lit room and you are sitting at a table in the back.  Henny in your glass your gaze goes to the front of the room under a thin layer of smoke and hear the distant clink of other glasses and muffled voices as the band takes the stage.  A lone...

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Slice of Heaven

Heaven's Deli Jack of all trades and master of none.  How many of us know someone like this?  How many of us know someone that lives up to the name?   Let’s meet Donnie Darrango and go inside The Hall at Heaven's Deli. Donnie Darrango has been in the restaurant...

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Antsizzle They say that music soothes the savage beast.  Music is what moves the soul.  With a know how and an out of the box attitude, creativity takes off! With that said, it is not every day that you will hear a name like this one – Antsizzle!   I suggest that you...

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Best Of Me

Best of Me Deal from within Best of Me Because I gave you the best of me, I forgot to keep what’s best for me. Such a smooth talker, you didn’t have to have your hand out like a plate ready for a serving of my love like my heart was a buffet. You took my smiles like...

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