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Baltimore Jazz Festival

It was my husand's birthday and we got ready to settle in for good music at the Baltimore Jazz Fesitval. Earlier in the year we were disappointed with the coordination and scheduling of the DC Jazz Festival and so you can bet we were ready to be amazed and we were!...

5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue

October 19th is the date of the 5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness conference to be held at the Furley Rec Center 4633 Furley Avenue in Baltimore, MD.This is a ticketed event. Must have ticket to enter. Group rates for 5 or more are available,...

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Kap Is Back!

Kap Is Back!

From State Vs Us Magazine Colin Kaepernick Named Face of Nike's 30th Anniversary of 'Just Do It' Campaign September 4, 2018  Nike selected former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernickas the face of its "Just Do It" campaign, which is celebrating its 30th...

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In Remembrance Of…


Struggle Mewzik

Hear Her Roar!   You can find Jae on Facebook, Twitter, IG,, YouTube  We are gonna do things just a little bit different Baltimore.  My girl Jae TheLyoness took the time to answer some real questions while out doing her thing.  Let's hear her roar! What part...

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Smokey Vibe

Imagine it…..dim lit room and you are sitting at a table in the back.  Henny in your glass your gaze goes to the front of the room under a thin layer of smoke and hear the distant clink of other glasses and muffled voices as the band takes the stage.  A lone...

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Slice of Heaven

Heaven's Deli Jack of all trades and master of none.  How many of us know someone like this?  How many of us know someone that lives up to the name?   Let’s meet Donnie Darrango and go inside The Hall at Heaven's Deli. Donnie Darrango has been in the restaurant...

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Antsizzle They say that music soothes the savage beast.  Music is what moves the soul.  With a know how and an out of the box attitude, creativity takes off! With that said, it is not every day that you will hear a name like this one – Antsizzle!   I suggest that you...

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Best Of Me

Best of Me Deal from within Best of Me Because I gave you the best of me, I forgot to keep what’s best for me. Such a smooth talker, you didn’t have to have your hand out like a plate ready for a serving of my love like my heart was a buffet. You took my smiles like...

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Forgiven Forgive – Forgiven This poem was written with my father in mind who passed from colon cancer in 2010. He was always my inspriration seeing things in me that I couldn't. It took his passing for me to see what he was telling me all along. I love You Daddy..  ...

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Stuck Stuck like cool ice soothes a burning tounge that is what i feel when i see you like soft words to an angry heart that is what i feel when i hear yhou words jump off this page and kiss me like morning dew that is what i feel when i feel you adrenaline rush...

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Faces of Me Faces of Me Faces of me, Faces I see When I wake up wiping the sleep away Saying thank You before the start of the day One eye open, one eye shut No rut, just a plan Do i do it my way? No i follow Gods plan I know I will feel a range of emotions today Id...

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What If....... What If? What if......Our two worlds collided? Our ships passed in the night? Your arms surrounded my space? My lips kissed yours? You told me that you cared, I told you I would always be there. My eyes met yours and never left and chemistry was not...

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Stop Video So much in the world is happening here and across the waters! Father can you hear me as I pray! We need you more today! The Violence has to Stop The screams of another a frantic mother cries While here on the ground her child lies The violence has to stop...

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Beautiful BLU with Mary Kay!

When you purchase from Beautiful BLU, you not only treat yourself but you help countless other women who are experiencing Domestic Violence. A portion of purchases go to support 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness. $1 from every purchase goes to the Mary Kay Foundation to support awareness around the world!


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