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Baltimore Jazz Festival

It was my husand's birthday and we got ready to settle in for good music at the Baltimore Jazz Fesitval. Earlier in the year we were disappointed with the coordination and scheduling of the DC Jazz Festival and so you can bet we were ready to be amazed and we were!...

5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue

October 19th is the date of the 5th Annual 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness conference to be held at the Furley Rec Center 4633 Furley Avenue in Baltimore, MD.This is a ticketed event. Must have ticket to enter. Group rates for 5 or more are available,...

Artist Spotlight


Born of Violence

Born of Violence

I had the honor of interviewing this powerhouse young lady today on my show.  Her story is one that is you should listen to.  By God's grace she and her daughter survived an ordeal that by all circumstances should have taken them from this earth.  Now she has a story...

Blue Notes

In Remembrance Of…



Flow Oct. 20, 2014 Thoughts and Flow Thoughs flow and feelings show Discovery is never-ending Bathed in light sowered in grace new mercies I always see I count on You, don't count on me, I tend to fall down daily Choking on desire I long to see Your glory - always...

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Love Letter Apr. 12, 2014 Photo Apr. 12, 2014 Love Letter Given this moment in time, will to choose to run our will you be mine? Do we dance step one step two to a song that sings between only me and you? There is a table prepared before you and still the candles burn...

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Inspirational Power of One There are times in life where we figure if we just add one more thing that will make it much better.  One more ingredient to finish the dish, one more song to complete the album,  one more kiss before we say good night.  Even in the things...

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Power Strip

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.       2 Cor12:9   If you are like me you probably wish you could have enough outlets in your home to accommodate the items that get plugged in daily like our televisions, radios, computers,...

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Beautiful BLU with Mary Kay!

When you purchase from Beautiful BLU, you not only treat yourself but you help countless other women who are experiencing Domestic Violence. A portion of purchases go to support 50 Shades of Blue Domestic Violence Awareness. $1 from every purchase goes to the Mary Kay Foundation to support awareness around the world!


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